An Hour or Two Sacred to Sorrow

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The following sample essay on An Hour or Two Sacred to Sorrow. Richard Steele. explains to the reader that many unexpected and unfortunate events may happen in our life-time ; nevertheless. those happenings should be looked back upon instead than bury. He writes from his ain experiences of loss. but continues to include the fact that it is acceptable even fulfilling to retrieve such events. The author begins by live overing the twenty-four hours his male parent died. At a mere age of five he remembers cognizing something was incorrect because no 1 would play with him.

but no remembrance as to what was genuinely awry in the state of affairs. When he says. “I…fell a-beating at the casket and naming Papa…” that statement along with. “… I know non how.

I had some little thought that he was locked up in at that place. ” explains farther that he knew something was unsound about the state of affairs merely non precisely what it was.

He so talks about how his female parent clutters him out of her ain heartache. which struck his inherent aptitude of sorrow for his female parent. He so moves on to show the fact that when we’re older we obtain memory better than at a younger age ; in add-on. he explains that different memories cause different reactions in a individual.

For case. when a individual passes off all you find yourself retrieving is their decease non the cheerful memories they left with you. He so elaborates this point by stating.

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“… gallant work forces. . cut off by the blade move instead our fear than our pity…” Stating this he points out that when a adult male from the military dies we are more respectful than sorry or upset by the incident. Many people would prefer non to retrieve the plaintive events of their lives. but instead the joyful experiences. In continuance he says that the first beauty he of all time beheld was in a virgin. He describes her as ignorantly capturing and heedlessly stand outing. which lead him to understand why decease should hold a right to her. but it still baffles him why decease besides seems drawn to the low and meek.

He watches decease become an object of small value when he states. “… decease become the pretty trifler. ” He describes the virgins sudden decease and the torment he felt after hearing this intelligence. He so invites friends who had known her. and they began imbibing two bottles of wine apiece ; nevertheless. he finds that no affair how much he drinks it can non wipe out what had happened the dark before. Which gave them all the more ground to remember the impact she had left on their lives. In decision the author relives past blue experiences that stood out in his memory. In many ways life can be full of sorrow. but we must larn how to travel on from these events in our lives. on to better times. He explains that many unexpected and unfortunate events may happen in our life-time ; nevertheless. those happenings should be looked back upon instead than bury.

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