An Experience of Learning to Drive a Car with Manual Transmission

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Learning to drive a car with a manual transmission, “stick shift,” was a difficult and challenging experience for me that I did not want to achieve. While learning to drive my vehicle, I was feeling hopeless. I was not dedicating the proper time to practice driving nor did I have the desire. I was heartbroken when I was trying to learn to drive my new car. All I wanted to do was drive away and I couldn’t move it at all.

I had just started a new job that I had to quit be couldn’t drive from job to job.

I would cry every night, my dad was visiting for the holidays and I couldn’t discuss my troubles to him. My father, had been driving a standard transmission vehicle for over 30 years he said, “It is easy, do not worry you’ll never look back.” However, my once did not feel easy and I felt scared to be in a car that does not stop shaking.

I couldn’t get the car to stay on. I couldn’t even move from block to block. My biggest fear was that I was going to cause an accident with my daughter in the car. And to make matters worse finding a teacher was difficult and hard due to time confliction.

The first day of instruction, George, my teacher was able to help me learn to drive the car It did take me about three weeks to learn to drive. My views towards learning to drive a different car were negative.

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I told myself after the second lesson that I have had enough practice with learning to drive, the car felt old and outdated. In addition, I was not being successful in any one’s eyes. Nevertheless, I learned to drive by slowly practicing with an amazing teacher. George had the patience and words for me to learn and be courageous when driving. And now I look back and I am so happy I struggled and learned. I drive from work to day care without any problems.

If my car moves at a stop sign I now know what to do. George said, “To use the emergency brakes.” My teacher had the words to motivate me for me to continue learning and not to give up. I easily wanted to listen to others and sell the car. In the beginning, I wanted to tell my father that the car was not for me. I learned that perseverance is possible if the desire to learn is in your heart. Any student can learn thanks to wonderful teachers that inspire others to achieve greatness.

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