An Examination of American Healthcare System

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It seems as Americans, we look around at our government and all we see are Caucasian, straight, rich males. How do we as women trust these lawmakers to make decisions on our bodies, our wombs, and our rights? We should not put all of our trust in these men, but rather take a stand and demand that we have control. Health care should be a right that everyone has, it should be affordable, and easily accessible, and it should focus on preventative and diagnostic medicine Women‘s reproductive rights, and health care go hand-in-hand, and as over fifty- percent of the culture, we should be made a priority.

The constant debate over abortion is not black and white Each side is persistent and stubborn and has strong viewpoints, but America is learning how to balance how things should be versus how things are in that gray area. Exploring these issues can lead us to an ultimate conclusion on how to compromise with these sensitive topics.

From the perspective of a woman living in America, I believe we expect freedoms that other countries may not have, but if we take a closer look at our health care compared to other nations, citizens are not satisfied with the accessibility, and affordability of the United States health care system. Companies like Planned Parenthood are striving to make sure the wealthy, the middle class, and the impoverished women of the United States have access to free or affordable procedures and medicine step webpage. Healthcare companies like this are spearheading the revolution towards advancements in the medical industry, Venturing to make medicines and procedures more affordable is just as important as inventing new prescriptions and cures.

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It is an unfortunate fact that in America many times you will find that differences in gender, class, and race determine the quality of care you receive for your chronic illness.

When our government starts treating health care as a right and not as a privilege that will be the first step to reform our system. Many women feel as though their health care and reproductive care should be paid for. As a middle-class American that pays their fair share of taxes, I am not comfortable with the idea of my money going towards things like abortions or methods to terminate the pregnancy. The health care system should be strictly for treatment, and prevention of chronic disease. It should not be for women’s reproductive health centers because women will start to use these options as methods of birth control, they would become careless and abort more fetuses. So many families want a baby but the couple is unable to reproduce the health care system is not about correcting mistakes; it should be about assisting those who have been born with conditions.  The healthcare system in the United States is a complex web of debate.

I believe in health care for everyone, services should be provided to everyone no matter the situation, no matter the price, no matter the financial stability, gender or race. I believe that our health care should be focusing on preventative care if gym memberships and spa treatments and dietician visits were covered in universal health care, we would have less chronic disease. We need to inform our nation of how to be healthy and lead healthier lives Putting off treatments because of expense is a vicious cycle; we are unable to stop chronic disease if the prices of treatment and medications stay expensive (tand,2.) Those born with pre-existing conditions should automatically be given supplemental insurance, to assist with inevitable expenses. The communication gap between doctors can be solved with a medical card, similar to the ones used in Japan, where all of the patient‘s information is loaded onto the card during each visit. Applying these changes will raise American‘s satisfaction with their health care system, and create a healthier United States of America.

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