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An ever-changing truths Gianrico Carofiglio Review Paper

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Paper type: Review , Subject: Murder

Pietro Fenoglio, maresciallo dei carabinieri , would have every reason to rejoice, as the murder of a shady personality educates almost automatically. A neighbor saw a young man with a plastic bag run out in a hurry and race away by car; the witness has not only recorded the license plate number, but also found the bag in a dumpster. So the suspect is quickly identified and fingerprints from the garbage as well as transferred

German edition: Hotel” Deceptive certainty < "
(February 2016, Folio Verlag)

But Fenoglio is a fundamental doubters. Simple ways to go is not his style. His concerns do not allow them to stand. Something does not seem to match: All evidence points clearly to the young man, but makes a decent impression that nothing has been guilty and had no reason to brutally kill these people

Surprisingly fits the man. However, in his fate. His arrest he takes out he does not defend himself, he does not speak a word. What he hides what he intended?

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His fiancee is made all the more decisive for him. Convinced of his innocence, it shall obtain a hearing from maresciallo Fenoglio. The now breaks own ways to find out who committed the murder and what’s behind the strange behavior of the accused.

Although it lead his studies on very different truths, and he has decisions with far-reaching consequences meeting. But the resolution of the mystery is not unforeseeable for the attentive reader. are more important than the crime plot, as so often with Carofiglio, philosophical, psychological or legal issues, focusing always search for the truth is.

The complex, not unproblematic character of the investigator Fenoglio is tailored to transport these considerations. He is a rather closed person, brooding, always critical of others, the reality and towards himself, and in addition he is gifted as a writer.

The figure of the native Piemontesers, to his profession widely led before it now – it’s the eighties – in Bari works (like his creator Carofiglio), the wide range adds another very special kind of fictitious carabinieri Personality B. Carabinieri is a traditional and proud department in the police organization in Italy that its merits are as aware as their exemplary status. So it is not surprising, but still an original idea is that the Arma dei Carabinieri to mark the 200th anniversary of its foundation also celebrates literary. In cooperation with the publishing house Einaudi four books were launched by authors of the first division, which are able to increase the fame of the guild. A special edition will be sold only to carabinieri ! The four titles tell of the interaction of the carabinieri with the times:

• 1846-48 : Giancarlo De Cataldo: “nell’ombra e nella luce” [Lesen here my review of Giancarlo De Cataldo: “Nell’ombra e nella luce” on books Rezensionen”

• 1899 : Carlo Lucarelli: “Albergo Italia “[Lesen here my review of Carlo Lucarelli: “Albergo Italia” on books Rezensionen”

• 1980 : Gianrico Carofiglio:” Una mutevole verità “( July 2014)

• 1980 : Valerio Massimo Manfredi: “Le inchieste del colonnello Reggiani” [Read my review of Valerio Massimo Manfredi:” Le inchieste del colonnello Reggiani “in Books Reviews”

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