An Evaluation of the Quality Standard of Samsung Galaxy S6

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Evaluation of the Quality of Samsung Galaxy S6

The standard of consumer product evaluation is instrumental in the testing and assessment of the safety and effectiveness of consumer products. Consumer product evaluation standards are significant in guiding manufacturers in the assessment procedures for the assurance of the quality of the products. The competitive and unforgiving market of Smartphone has led to the development of cheap phones that still satisfy the consumers’ needs. The quality of Samsung Galaxy S6 can, however be evaluated on the basis of the evolution of the Smartphone.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 has sucked out the differentiators which include the waterproof design and removable design as well as battery. Nevertheless, the Samsung still need some schooling in the software development.

Samsung Galaxy S6 does not feel much like other Samsung phones in the market. Apple phones are considered to be of high quality, and so Samsung had to find inspiration in developing the Galaxy S6 brand. The Smartphone is edged with a curved display, which in the real sense is a distraction.

Critically, Samsung needed to learn that hardware prowess and software features are tools used in building great products. The Samsung Galaxy S6 proves that indeed Samsung tried to copy Apple’s product philosophy to achieve the perfect quality in the Apple Smartphone.

The quality of the appearance of Samsung Galaxy S6 does not feel like other Samsung phones that are made up of plastic or faux-leather backs. The Smartphone has glass on the front with metal around the rim at the back.

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The quality of material used to make up the cover of the Samsung Galaxy S6 makes it feel better and even look greater. The new appearance in the Samsung brand apparently created a boom in the demand of the phones due to their great look. Moreover, the edges of the device are faintly designed from plane to bow. The materials flanked by the glass and the metal are also nigh-microscopic, making the phone appear fantastic. The glass cover and the light metal rims make the weight of the Samsung Galaxy S6 quite bearable. It weighs slightly heavier than the iPhone 6. The device is also slightly bigger making it easier in holding and reaching the far corners. The glass that makes up the cover of the phone is less likely to slip as compared to the metal finish of iPhones. The size and structure of the Samsung Galaxy S6, therefore, make it much easier a better quality to be held firmly in the hands as well as gliding into a pocket. The quality of the finish of Samsung Galaxy S6 makes it much better than other Samsung phones and at the same time a perfect comparison to the Apple brand. However, the glass at the front of the Smartphone may be prone to scratch while the bump of the camera on the back is an exceedingly large lump (Chen and Ann, 2014).

The Samsung Galaxy S6 has a quality that allows it to operate a fingerprint sensor that is also useful as an unlocking mechanism. It is fantastic that the sensor slowly gets colored in as it learns. The same feature is also operative in the iPhone Smartphone thou it is not very fast and efficient as the iPhone. Besides, the Samsung Galaxy S6 has a feature that monitors the heart rate as well as doubling the shutter button for front camera photos. The installed camera is very powerful, being the 16-megapixel optically stabilized type. The speaker is quite loud, but it culminates in the display. The screen of the Samsung device is equally powerful with the unnecessary number of pixels. The Samsung Company has proved to be perfect in its color combinations as the color awareness is better, gauging from the colors of the Samsung Galaxy S6 phones. Whites are whiter while blacks are even darker. In the real sense, the colors are vibrant without being oversaturated.

Apart from the curved screen of the Samsung Galaxy S6, the device is programmed with a few software tricks that go along with the display type. For instance, one can set a row of colored, favorite contacts that can easily be swept and seen. The device is programmed in a manner that calls are indicated by appropriate colors depending on the position of the phone. A night clock that is limited to working only 12 hours a day is also programmed in the device. Simple information updates such as Yahoo news updates and the weather forecast are included in the information stream of the Smartphone. Despite having discovered a lot of software that are applicable for the Samsung Galaxy S6, Samsung still needs a lot of efforts towards its long journey to a genuinely clean and restrained design. It would be an excellent experience if Samsung would use restrained colors in developing its Smartphone models (Johnston and Butow, n.d.).

In conclusion, the model of the Samsung Galaxy S6 is ideal for evaluating the effectiveness of the types of models that the company chooses. The Samsung Galaxy S6 brings the idea of the kinds of Smartphone Samsung ought to have on an ontological level. The Samsung Galaxy S6 is probably something better for the Samsung Company thou a lot still need to be done so as to reach perfection.


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