An Essay on the Significant People of the Minority

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Growing up as a child, I always felt what it was like to be a minority. I didnt feel any different from anyone else, but there was always that one person who made it a priority to make me feel like an outcast. My parents came from two different backgrounds, my mom being Caucasian, and my dad African American, so I had the advantage of living in both worlds. As a minority, I have always had an interest in studying famous minority figures.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

, Rosa Parks, Allen Iverson, and Whitney Houston are just a few that I would love to meet and talk with. I feel that these people in some way or another have made a huge difference in our society. Although Mr. King and Mrs. Parks are both historical figures, what they believed in and fought for helped to create our society today. These people created a message that minorities are people too.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is a man who truly fought for what he believed in. Despite what others said or did to him, he kept fighting. He was determined to accomplish his dream of seeing that all men were created equal. Dr. King is a huge motivator for me in that he never quit and never gave up on his hopes and dreams. I feel that he made a huge difference in society. He helped people to look at things in a new way that nobody could have ever done, and he did it with pride, integrity, and honesty.

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It would be a pleasure to have the privilege of meeting Dr. King. The first thing I would say would be thank you. Thank you for fighting for us and helping us to believe that we are people too. His speech will carry on for many years, and hopefully, it will make a difference in other people’s lives in the same way that it made a difference in mine.

Mrs. Rosa Parks is another minority figure that I feel has been a huge inspiration in my life. She also fought for what she believed in, but differently than Dr. King. Mrs. Parks was not a civil rights activist who spoke out about freeing the slaves, but when her story got out, she was a role model to many African Americans. Mrs. Parks was a very brave woman who refused to give up her seat to a Caucasian woman on the bus. Although Mrs. Parks knew she was putting her life at risk, she fought for what she believed was right: equality. She stood up not only for her people but for her freedom. I would love to meet her for all the same reasons I would love to meet Dr. King. They represented African Americans and let everyone know that we are equal to everyone else. The first thing I would ask Mrs. Parks would be how she found the strength and courage to stand up for herself during such a discriminating time as she did.

The last two people that I would love to meet are Whitney Houston and Allen Iverson. I look up to Ms. Houston because she is a successful black minority woman, with incredible talent. There are many African Americans who have talent, but Ms. Houston I would have to say is a true icon. She helped people to realize that they could achieve their goals too if they just believed. Allen Iverson isn’t much of a role model to me, but I would love to meet him also because he is a highly successful young minority, who came from a bad background, yet still found the strength to rise above it and make a life for himself. Many people think that he is a bad influence based on his outer appearance, however, Iverson is a very intelligent young man who enjoys doing what he does best. Whitney Houston and Allen Iverson are just two highly successful minorities whom I respect and would love to have the opportunity to meet.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Mrs. Rosa Parks, Whitney Houston, and Allen Iverson are only a few minorities that have made an impact on my life. Their beliefs and successes helped me to ensure that I can be successful too, and being a minority should be no excuse. I hope their messages will carry on in many generations to come, and people will realize that life wasn’t always easy; everyone had to struggle and fight to get to where they are today.

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