An Engineering Course to Understand What Mechanical Engineering Would be Like in College

Each individual sentient being has at least one unique characteristic that makes them who they are. It is not the physical traits that separate them but rather their own actions, feelings, ideas, and experience. As for me, what makes me who I am is my knowledge of technology, my relationship with my family, and my drive to accomplish more. As a child visiting my grandparents, l was fascinated by the computer. Every time I would visit them, I would always ask if it was okay for me to use it.

After a few years, I begged my parents for a computer and they succumbed to my request. From there on, I was always exploring and learning about the computer and internet. As a result, I was able to learn a myriad amount of skills such as computer building. computer repairing, maintenance, modifying phones, Photoshop, and being able to find exactly what I need or want on the web.

With those skills in my toolbox, I was able to do some school projects with ease and l was able to save not only myself, but also my friends and family some money.

My relationship with my family has not always been an “ideal” relationship. As a child, I have always been close to my family, but as I’ve grown up, they have started to change for the worst, in my opinion. My parents had the idea of owning a restaurant an hour away from home. Because of that, I never see them as often as I would like (Approximately five hours, at most, a week).

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This does not change the fact that I still love them; however, it does make things more difficult. Before, they were factory workers making decent money.

They had the ability to put food on the table and more. But as of now, they can barely do anything with the little money they earn. I hate seeing them with the face of defeat. Nothing is more miserable than seeing parents suffer. To combat this situation, I want to strive for a better education to earn money to support them. I want their faces to change back to the way they were when I was a child. This results in my drive to accomplish more. A few years back, I was one of the most apathetic people amongst my peers. I would just take classes just to be with friends without a regard towards my future. However, as I started to mature and as my family’s stability started going downhill, I started to take things more seriously. I took a bunch of Advance Placement classes so I can challenge myself and prepare myself for college. I even took an Engineering course so I can get a feel of what Mechanical Engineering will be like in college. In all my classes, I push myself to understand the concepts sol can do well. Not only am I striving to improve my academics, but also the community.

I’m most likely not the most selfless person, but I do try to contribute when I can to better the lives of the citizens of Rogers. I’ve joined Keystone and NHS, which provides many community service opportunities. In addition, I have over 10 hours of community service for St. Vincent de Paul and over 30 hours of community service for the small Vietnamese Church in Fort Smith. I do not only try to help the citizens, but also specially students. Every few days, I host a study session at my house. l have been doing this since my Sophomore year and it has benefited the students and myself. Because of my efforts of pushing myself, I can confidently say that l have greatly improved myself when contrasting myself to my past self from a few years back. Through my experiences and emotions, it gives me a unique identity. With my knowledge of technology, my relationship with my family, and my drive to accomplish more, it defines who I am. Because of those traits, they differentiate me from the rest of the crowd. Because of this, I know that I am not a “copy and paste”. Because of this, I am who I am.

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