An Argument for the Bombing of the Hiroshima by the United States

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Penalties and rewards came along with the bombing of Hiroshima. This new war weapon steered the world into a new age of advanced technology. This occurrence might have been a good or bad thing that happened; it depends on whose point of view was taken. Some may believe the advancements just corrupted our world more than its current state and brought the end of humanity closer. Others may feel the developments brought about an era with higher intelligence and better living for humans.

The dropping of the atom bomb not only saved money for the Americans since they didnt have to pay for the replacement of soldiers and their equipment, but it also reduced the number of people who could have died during the war because it would have gone on longer, and more casualties would’ve occurred since several minor bombs would have been dropped than a single powerful one.

The severe cost of this bomb, which fell upon innocent Hiroshima, was that hatred arose between the Americans and Japanese.

It brought about racism or a type of prejudice against people. There were better ways to solve the situation between the two countries. The Americans decided to go with the modern, destructive way: one blow so it’s over. Innocent civilians suffered; though they weren’t part of the war. Only the soldiers should have been involved or been the ones that were injured. The atom bomb killed many people who shouldn’t have been touched by the evil war.

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The Americans bombed Hiroshima in retaliation for the tragic incident with Pearl Harbour. This wasn’t the ethical thing to do because as we all know, two wrongs don’t make a right.

Though the human consequences were immense, the atom bomb, which unfortunately plunged Hiroshima, was worth the grief from the Japanese. Without the testing of the atomic weapon, the new age of sophisticated technology might not exist. Indeed, we may not have hazardous weapons, which destroy humans, but that also, means we may not have the technological appliances we use every day to our advantages, such as computers and microwaves. If Hiroshima kept on receiving the B-29s, the duration of the war would have been extended. More human casualties would have occurred, so the death of humans would have increased. The atomic bomb made innocent souls suffer, but saved lives the whole picture. Nothing good comes without a price to pay; unfortunately, our modern world cost anguish to Hiroshima.

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