Vronsky's Charming Image in Anna Karenina

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Leo Tolstoy uses descriptive language to make Vronsky a charming and handsome man who inspires affection in all, who meet him, which strongly affects Vronsky’s interaction with women. Vronsky’s ability to win over women’s affection is illustrated through the opinions of other characters and Vronsky’s actions. The other character’s give opinions that use descriptive language that shows Vronsky as an affectionate and caring person.

Princess Shcherbatsky appreciates Vronsky’s money and social status considerably. She values him so much more than Oblonsky that she prefers her daughter Kitty, to marry Vronsky instead of Oblonsky and describes numerous times how Vronsky is a better guy.

“For the other there could be no comparison at all between Vronsky and Levin” (45). Princess Shcherbatsky in her opinion describes Vronsky as “rich, able, distinguished, launched on a brilliant career in the Army and at Court, and an enchanting”(45) character. Princess Shcherbatsky illustrates Vronsky as a great man and she praises him constantly so that her daughter Kitty will expectantly marry Vronsky instead of Oblonsky.

Kitty also describes Vronsky as an honorable husband and think of her future with him. “The moment she thought of a future with Vronsky a brilliantly happy prospect rose up before her”(49). Her opinion of him is also that he is well off and has a good position socially in society. “He was extremely well bred and calm”(49). Vronsky is at first trying to seek intimacy with Kitty but when his eyes come upon the beautiful Anna, his direction of affection shifts in Anna’s favor.

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Anna Karenina is another person that is evidently charmed by Vronsky. Her opinion of Vronsky is that he makes her much happier and she glows with his comments. “…said Anna, and once again a smile lit up her face, a caressing smile due to him” (66). Vronsky continually causes Anna to glow and he takes actions as well to enchant her.

Vronsky at one time takes action to impress Anna giving 200 rubles to the deceased’s widow in order to impress Anna. Oblonsky points out to Anna and Anna’s mother that Vronsky is a great guy and this helps Vronsky’s intent to charm Anna and make an impression.”…Very kind, really very kind!” (68). Vronsky also try’s changing his lifestyle in order to enchant Anna.

Vronsky takes action by moving into the social circle that he is most likely to bump into Anna. “He intended to go see his brother, then Betsy, and make a few visits, in order to start moving about in the milieu in which he would be able to meet Anna” (122).

Throughout the novel, Anna Karenina, Leo Tolstoy’s descriptive language makes Vronsky an irresistible and polished gentleman who instigates fondness at first sight in all of the women who meet him. Other characters give Vronsky his charming attributes and Vronsky himself takes actions that make him irresistible.

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