An Analysis of the Manic-Depressive Disorder in Teenage Psychological Disorders

Among fifteen to nineteen-year-olds, suicide is the third leading cause of death, Since the nineteen sixties teenage suicide has doubled in the United States. More than seven thousand teenagers kill themselves yearly. Ths rise in teenage suicides has happened because of an increase in a psychological disorder called manic-depressive disorder.

A psychological disorder is a condition in which behavior is judged to be atypical, disturbing, and maladaptive. Manic-depressive disorder, which is also known as bipolar disorder, is when a person experiences prolonged hopelessness and lethargy until eventually returning to normality.

In a manic-depressive episode, there is a period of at least two weeks in which a person has a depressed mood or loses interest or pleasure in activities. Other symptoms can include weight gain, weight loss, sleep changes, feelings of worthlessness, guilt,difficultyy concentrating or thinking, and thoughts of death plans. This disorder, in which the person alternates between the hopelessness and lethargy of depression and the state of mania, is one known to be the cause of suicide.

Teenage suicides are associated with manic-depressive disorder. The suicidal teenager feels isolation, despair, hopelessness, and estrangement. They also feel! that they cannot handle today and that nothing will ever be better tomorrow. The teenagers also feel ambivalence. Simply stated, it means that opposite desires are experienced at the same time. The depressed person wants to live and die at the same time. in a PBS video about teenage suicide, Teenage Suicide- The Ultimate Dropout, one teenage female spoke of the fact that she felt that her parents were only using her as a stepping stone as the reason for her suicidal attempt.

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She was more or less tired of her parents’ constant demands. Her feelings about getting even with her parents resulted in her decision to swallow a massive amount of pills, which she took from her family’s medicine cabinet. By killing, herself she believed she could show her parents that they could no longer control her il. Her distorted thinking is an example of the effects of someone who sellers from manic-depressive disorder.

Analysis of teenage suicide reveals that most of these teens were depressed, abused drugs, and suffered a mood disorder when they decided to take their lives. Depression is on the increase, and it is almost always seen in mood disorders. Psychological disorders can surface from stress, trauma, learned helplessness, mood-elated perceptions, and memories. Depression affects many people. It usually surfaces from events such as work, relationships, and physical and mental abuse. or the death of a loved one. Drugs are another major factor in teenage suicide since drugs that affect the mood can trigger depressed behavior. TDruguser believes they can escape from their problems, but the problems remain when they come down from the high. Drug-abusing teens and others who are Suicidal grow to believe that their problems are inescapable.

In reality, there are many different programs for suicidal teenagers. However, many teenagers never seek help for their psychological problems. individuals who are suicidal usually do not expect help and have lite faith that talking things out will help. They feel that there is nobody that cares and that nobody is available to isten, Sometimes they feel inadequate and ashamed about their problems, so they do not want anyone to know. Sometimes they think that they can solve it themselves or it wil ust go away. If they are not talked about and solved, then the causes and symptoms of manic depression can escalate into bigger and worse problems, such as teenage suicide.

A manic-depressive disorder is a psychological disorder ofthe human mind that can be an extremely serious condition and can lead to hospitalization and even death. The increase in stress and problems teenagers face today can, in tun causes an increase in the probability of mood disorders, which in tur will increase in suicidal attempts. The good news is mood disorders can be treated, i caught in time. Anyone who has these symptoms should contact the nearest hospital fora ist of references and help. A life could be salvaged or even saved. After receiving therapy, the teenage emale in the video was asked what kind of advice she had to offer, Her response was: “There are too many people who need you, why should | die?”

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