An Analysis of the Life of FBI Agents

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It s one AM, in a dark, rat-infested apartment. Scotch-taped to the walls are pictures of mutilated women alongside pornography. An extensive investigation by the FBI has led authorities to believe this apartment belongs to a serial killer. A SWAT team is quietly and swiftly surrounding the outside. The FBI agent gives the SWAT team a silent nod then the entire place is bombarded, the suspect is apprehended and a mother of two is saved. Just another typical day for an FBI agent.

An FBI agent would be the ideal career for someone that loves action, thinks fast under pressure, and wants a rewarding and satisfying job. FBI agents come from all sides of the spectrum. There are agents that specialize in paranormal activity to agents that run extensive scientific experiments. There are agents that catch serial killers to agents that focus on child abuse. So what does a person need do to become a G-man or G-woman?

First, according to the official FBI Homepage, a person must be a U.

S. citizen, at least 23 and not have reached your 37th birthday on appointment. (par. 2). Also, a person needs to be in good physical and mental shape. Candidates must possess a four-year degree in the field of study they want to work in while in the FBI (par. 7). Men and women wanting to be agents must go through the FBI Academy. The FBI Academy trains FBI, DEA, and CIA agents, and even a few police officers. (Linkins 1) The five main subjects the FBI Academy emphasizes are behavioral science, education, forensic science, law and management Science.

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Cassandra Chandler, a top FBI agent, recalls her academy experience We had written exams, mock operations, and fitness assessments.

I studied harder than I ever did at law school (28). There are many benefits for working for the FBI such as retirement, paid leave, and medical care (Gonyea 1). Agents also have the feeling of making the United States a safer place for people to live, which is more rewarding than a two-week paid vacation. Works Cited Chandler, C.M., Diane Hales. Special Agent. Ladies Home Journal. Aug. 1998. Volume 115 no 8: 24+. Gonyea, James C. Working for America. Hauppage: Barron s Educationl Series, 1992. Linkins, Julie R. FBI Academy: 25 Years of Law Enforcement Leadership. FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin. May 1997. Volume 66: 12. Special Agent Employment. FBI Homepage. 16 par. Mar. 2001

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