An Analysis of the Child Development and the Social and Language Skills in Parental Program

The child development is extremely malleable. Their social and language skills are entirely dependent on the positive influence and the surrounding in which they grow. For children to be above average, parents need sufficient social support mental health and education, taking their time to mediate children’s experiences by talking and listening to them. Having all these culminates into the above average measures of aptitude. These are the kind of parents that use discipline as an education the children rather than as a punishment.

Children’s development is hindered by factors such as limited parental education, parenting styles that dictates and not communicate. Development is limited if the parent is of ill health generally what this means is that, a child’s developmental stagnation can be alleviated or improved gradually. Repeated screening of child in the developing stage is necessary to monitor changes in the child’s development.

The purpose of parental program is to assist them to help their children in developmental progress.

The parental education course, which is designed for parents, is designed to aid child development in different activities. Consequently, the areas focused on the parental education program are designed putting into consideration the parent’s needs also included. Individuality development for child maturity and education, language advancement, sexual development, cognitive maturity, parent-child communication, social development, sibling relationships, motor development, discipline, behavioral disorders, accidents, home activities, childhood illnesses, games toys and books and nutrition. These practices improve learning outcome of children. Survey has shown that when parent get involved in their children education, it improves their reception to issues taught in class.

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For example, child’s literacy at home is improved. Hence, on these bases, it is a healthy habit to appreciate and understand family, as the primary educator, and everything else concerning his education should be build on it.

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