An Analysis of Paying College Athletes

If the colleges are going to pay their athletes, the pay shouldn t go over $50,000. I think some athletes might end up getting used to the real world if they had to manage large sums of money, to pay for their cars, college, and even a house. For some it might be bad, like if the money went straight to their head. It might end up getting them in trouble. And some, might get agents to get the best contract, so then the agent would stay with him or her right into the pros, I think that would be the best of all, because most athletes hold out while their agents pick out the best contract for them.

The season would start with all the rookies instead of some holding out on their teams and demanding more money.

The agents would know more about their clients wants and how he deals with things. That would really make a contract signing go faster.

It might help a team, for example: A player that hasn t signed yet doesn t practice with the team until he or she signs. So when it is time to play Regular season he or she might not be in good shape or need time to work out to get in shape. If all the players on the team are there at practice, the rookies and veterans get a feel of what it s like to play together. And if they sign before exhibition play starts, then the players can get a taste of how a new teammate or rookie reacts to different game situations.

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It also helps the team spirit, what I mean by that is, everyone on the team knows that the whole team has been through everything that they have been through. It also helps make friends and it goes on your record if you signed fast or wanted more money or just took along time.

Some teams look at how a person signed with the last team to kind of get an idea of what to expect. When the Bulls signed Dennis Rodman, the coach, Rodman went over to Phil Jackson s house for two days. During those two days Phil explained how the Bulls organization does things, after Phil explained everything Rodman was ready to play for the Bulls one hundred percent. If I got paid to play college basketball I don t think I would want that much unless something like my parents were having or I really needed it. I would play for the minimum wage if there was one. If I did turn out to be really good I still wouldn t go for the biggest I could get. But I would get an agent to help me look for the best deal if I did go to the pros. Overall I really think it matters, who you are and what you want. It only depends on the person ; if it is a good idea or not.

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