An Analysis of Multiple Sclerosis and Exercise

The disease Multiple Sclerosis is caused by the destruction of Myelin, The destruction of Myelin interferes with the normal transmissions of nerve impulses along the nerve fibers. Multiple Sclerosis comes with many symptoms that may prevent the person who has the disease from functioning Normally. The disease limits their ability to do normal tasks on daily ice. Exercise, aerobic and anaerobic can improve their ability to do the normal tasks in Wie, Exercise for a person with MS may Jessen the symptoms of the disease and help them recover faster from an exacerbation or attack Challenges, Multiple Sclerosis, and Exercise.

Multiple Sclerosis is the destruction of Myelin which results in interference in nerve impulses. MS is characterized by periods of exacerbation and remissions. The neurological disease makes it hard for people with the disease to function and fly in the real world on their own. For example, symptoms range from sensory-perceptual deficits to fatigue weakness, rumors, ataxia, dysphagia sted speech, incontinence, and involuntary evacuation of the bowels.

Exercise can bring about an improvement in fitness, fatigue, body care, mobility, self-esteem, and socialization but does not alter the progression of the disease (Kalb, 1996). individuals have many challenges to conquer when exercising the people who help them tain also have many challenges.

The effects of Multiple Sclerosis can make le a challenge to the individuals who have it Fora person 0 exercise have to overcome many challenges. MS comes with many symptoms; weakness, tingling, numbness impaired sensation, poor coordination, disturbance in balance, double vision, temporary blindness, or blurred vision, involuntary rapid eye movement, tremors, spasticity oF stiffness of muscles, sted speech, a disordered bladder and bowel functions, staggering or unstable walk pattern, fatigue, and sensitivity to heat.

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Fatigue, weakness, and lack of coordination are often everyday facts of life, that can make it hard and dangerous to exercise. Multiple Sclerosis is often characterized by an erratic or unpredictable course, for many, it involves a series of attacks and panic or complete recoveries(Frankel & Buxbaum, 1982). The attacks or exacerbations are unpredictable as to when they will come and how long and severe the symptoms are and will ast. Some individuals with MS all experience numbness, tingling, or blued vision when they exercise, these symptoms are temporary and wall decine within 35 minutes of exercising(Frankel &Buxbaum), These symptoms should not cause alarm but when starting to exercise again after a break the individual should greatly decrease intensity o see how these symptoms develop and to see how to better understand their reaction(Harmon, 2002). Exercise may worsen spastic, but this can be relieved or reduced with a gentle warmup. Many people with MS experience a worsening of their symptoms when they become overheated or when the weather is hot(Heat and Temperature Sourcebook, 2001), Some people notice that their vision becomes blurred when they are too hot, this’s known as the Unthoffs sign. (Heat and Temperature Sourcebook). People with MS need to keep cool Heat leads to poor nerve conduction and that means increased fatigue, as well as weakness, vision can blur and balance can be disturbed and cause other MS symptoms (Harmon). This can create many problems for exercising, considering the elevation in body temperature during exertion. Individuals with MS need to find ways to keep cool, avoiding outdoor activities between10 am and 4 pm and carrying a cold drink with them. There are many different recommendations for exercise programs for individuals with Multiple Sclerosis. Aerobic and Anaerobic exercises both can be beneficial for some people. Individuals with MS can be divided into three groups exercising independently, independently with the assistance of a crutch cane or walker, and wheelchair mobile. Cardiovascular exercise activities may be unsuitable for some individuals because of the severity of their symptoms, for these people anaerobic exercise six days a week may be the best course of action(Kalb). Those able to do both Aerobic and Anaerobic exercising the days should alternate between the two. Fifteen minutes of aerobic exercise is considered ideal, the good news is alternate between the two. Fifteen minutes of aerobic exercise is considered ideal, the good news is. that people who tire easily can do aerobic exercise in three separate 5-minute periods, with rests in between, and still, attain all the benefits(Harmon). Stopping vigorous exercise suddenly may restrict or alter blood flow and this reduced blood flow may result in dizziness, faintness, or nausea. For individuals with MS slowly stretching the muscles at this time helps maintain flexibility or gain range of motion and prevents muscle soreness(Harmon).

The personal trainer who has a client that has Multiple Sclerosis has to overcome many challenges. to make their exercising physically safe. The program the personal trainer designs for their client needs to be within the client’s capabilities so they don’t become too fatigued. The personal trainer needs to keep in mind the client’s current symptoms and keep current with changes in Medications so they may alter the exercise program accordingly. The temperature of the area that the client is exercising in and to make sure the client does not overheat are top Priorities for the personal trainer. They also need to be aware that the client may have an exacerbation at any time and may have to greatly decrease their exercise or discontinue it completely, the trainer should plan for this. The trainer should have a plan that slowly brings the thediett back into exercising after an exacerbation that has a lower exertion.

Individuals with MS can become very easily fatigued, and have many other problems associated with the disease, but with proper exercise, they can participate in daily ie with new vigor. Regular exercise can build a base for individuals with Multiple Sclerosis and when they have an exacerbation they will be in a better place to recover faster and much easier.

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