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U.S. National debt is a clear indication that the size of American government has grown exponentially. American national debt has reached to $19.84 Trillion as of 2017, whereas, the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) was recorded at 19.23 Trillion as of second quarter of 2017. The basic formula to understand any country’s economic strength is to measure the GDP with national debt. If the national debt is higher than GDP, then the economy of that country is not doing well. The economy is not doing well because the size of the government is too big to manage their expenses.

America “was built on four federal agencies: The Departments of Justice, Treasury, Defense and State”.

In one of the Senate committee of 2015, a senator reported that there are 430 agencies according to Federal Register. At the same website it is also claimed that nobody knows exactly how many agencies are working in the United States. The numbers reported by the U.S. Government Manual about working agencies is 316, whereas according to the Unified Agenda it is only 60.

The problem is that having too many agencies will require to hire too many people, and adversely it will be government’s responsibility to fund any or all projects for these agencies from tax payer’s money. Let’s take an example of The United States Department of Education or also known as Education Department.

According to article published on NBCC, “There are only 5,000 employees which makes it the smallest federal agency”  with annual budget of $68 billion. The effectiveness of this agency may be measured by how much monetary value it adds to the American students.

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According to the article published on Student Loan Hero, the total debt of American students has reached to $1.56 Trillion in 2019. This example provides us clear indication how big American government has grown that a smallest agency like Education Department will use roughly $1 Trillion between 10 to 15 years. As mentioned in the Heritage, “the rule of law facilitates government by the consent of the governed”. It is not clear if American students or their families are on the same page with the government, who feels the need of this agency. Certainly, no student wants to have a pile of loan at the end of graduation.

America is ranked for having top universities in the world, but the flip side is very dark that American students’ loans are not the greatest in the world. “Rather than asking who should take responsibility for an issue, the public debate too often blithely assumes that the answer is government and instead focuses on how it should address the problem”. This attitude of the public is the reason why government has grown so big. Public must involve through various channels whether it be a special interest group or a political party, that is willing to address the real public issues and take national debt issue with utmost seriousness.

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