America Should Not Impose an Official Language to Its Citizens

The United States has an enormous scope of blended cultures as the country was founded by immigrants. One can find a vast multitude of different lifestyles everywhere in the United States.

This is due to the great diversity in races and foreigners. Due to the great fusion of people from many different countries around the world, it is not ethical to force them to speak a certain language. It is also not right to declare that this country with a substantial blending of culturally differing people should have an official language.

The United States was founded by immigrants from England. Also, in the land that America sits on originally belonged to the Native Americans and people of other societies. From the start, the United States was never controlled by a single race. These groups all spoke their own language. The origin of this country already displays a strong reason why a single language should not be declared upon it. So many different civilizations, each with their own culture and language, partook in the development of the United States.

These differing groups of people, each with their own customs, still make up the country and play a part in the United States‘ society. Because of the great amount of different heritages in the United States, it is unfair to declare that it has a single language. Declaring one language over another is stating that one culture is better than all the others. The United States was founded on the principal of uniting the different lands, hence the name “united states”.

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With the country having one dialect directly attacks the message of fusing the different traditions. It is not the founders of the United States’ intentions to have the country focused on one section of the land when there are so many more parts that also need to be highlighted. The United States should not have an official language emplaced on it as this country represents a great multitude of civilizations and declaring one more important than the others goes against the founding principles of the country.

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