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Allama Iqbal is a known poet and the one who gave the Essay

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Allama Iqbal is a known poet and the one who gave the idea of Pakistan.

People know him because of his famous and most relatable poetry. So during the period of British rule, he wrote many poems regarding the situation of people at that time. Between 1895 and 1905 he wrote poems in favour of Indian nationalism. He thought if people of the subcontinent became United they would live in peace but that’s not what people wanted they were highly indulged between the religious hatred. His main key points were :

• Muslims and Hindus are dissimilar

• All the Muslims should have unity

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• Muslims should have a separate identity inside and outside of India

• Muslims must have given their rights

Iqbal’s Vision after 1905 :

Iqbal went to Europe as a supporter of Nationalism in 1905. He stayed there for three years for his higher education during this time period, he examined different libraries there, as they were easily accessible. From this, he came to know what their real purpose was. Although they were too advanced this did not influence him at all. Actually, it was during his stay in Europe that he realized, his concepts of nationalism will not going to work for the people there and came to the conclusion that 1895 to 1905 was a pathetic period of his life where he believed nationalism the solution to everyone’s problems he called it “His phase of ignorance and folly”.

Iqbal’s stay in Europe helped him rethink of the ideas about nationalism. He found this idea as insufficient to solve the problems of humanity. His came back was with a different vision which once started as Indian nationalism but now some different views. Now he was thinking for the Muslims of the subcontinent as a single united nation. He himself cleared the main agenda of European forces and wrote that from their scholars he understood their basic scheme was to dismember the unity of the Muslims world. Form 1923 onward Iqbal became a politician. Now he had fully realized that Muslims and Hindus could not live together because of many differences between them.

Iqbal’s views changed during his three years in Europe by their reality and their Nationalism.’

Iqbal’s Address in 1930 :

He presided over the All-India Muslim League held at Allahabad and delivered his address that Muslims of the subcontinent should demand for a separate homeland. Iqbal did speak out other points which showed it was valid to demand for Muslims. He delivered other speeches too for Muslims rights and identity. He also wrote letters to Quaid e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah about Muslims issue in which he told Jinnah that the Muslims really need a state on this subcontinent where they will live their lives according to their religion without any hurdle and because of these two great legends Muslims got a separate identity. OI 23 March 1940 the Pakistan Resolution was passed successfully, Quaid e Azam said:

“Iqbal is no more amongst us, but had

he been alive he would have been happy

to know that we did exactly what he

wanted us to do”

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