All the Things I Picked Up From My Mother

One time when I was about 11 years old, my neighbor, my brother, and I watched my new puppy play with our pet rabbits that we had for a couple of years, My puppy, Teddy, chased the rabbits all over the backyard and he would occasionally jump on them. For Teddy, it was all fun and games, For the rabbits, however, it was life or death. They were scared out of their minds and thought Teddy was a predator. We all laughed at what was going on and I said, “That’s too funny.

” My neighbor said back to me “You sound just like your mom,” and when he said that it sort of pushed me into thought. I remember wondering why I said that because my neighbor was right, my mom said that all the time, The saying had apparently rubbed off on me after hearing it so many times. It was odd that I didn‘t even realize it until someone said something.

Since that day, on several other occasions I’ve noticed other sayings and even pronunciations that I picked up from my mother, like the way she pronounces. Speech isn’t the only thing I’ve picked up from my mother. The first time I drove my girlfriends car, I was shocked at how dirty it was. I opened the car door, and immediately I was surprised at how much debris there was on the floor: empty soda bottles, food wrappers, and jewelry. As soon as I could find my footing around the items on the floor, I sat down into the car, looked at the road through the windshield, and was shocked again.

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The windshield was so dirty, it was as if there was a film over the glass making everything foggy. I looked at my girlfriend, who knew what I was thinking, and she said, ”Yeah, it‘s a little dirty in here.” This moment was another epiphany for me, It never occurred to me that other people didn’t keep everything spotless like my mother did, The floors of our vehicles were always clean.

The windows in the cars were kept crystal clear. My mother liked to pick up after herself and keep things clean, so she must have passed that down to me. Cleanliness was a normal thing in my life, so [was stunned when I experienced something different, Another time when I was shocked by someone else’s cleaning habits happened when I was 10 years old, My friend’s mother was driving us to a basketball game out of town in her van, I brought candy with me to snack on for the ride Once I finished eating the candy, I didn’t know what to do with the wrapper since we were in a vehicle.

Because my mother keeps a garbage bag in all of our vehicles to manage trash, I asked my friend, “Where is the garbage?” “What garbage?” he replied, very confused, “Just throw it on the floor and we’ll get it later” “You don’t have a garbage in here?” I ignorantly questioned, “No, why would we?” he questioned back “For your garbage, Duh,” I said, “Just throw it on the floor and we’ll get it later” my friend replied. “If you say so” I said ignorantly, once again, I was so used to my mother’s habits, it seemed like an obvious thing to me to have a garbage bag in one‘s car. To my surprise, I was wrong, I physically take after my mother; short, blonde, stockyi [think it’s just natural for my habits and personality to do the same.

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