Attitue to Black People

The following sample essay on “Attitue to Black People”: talks about respect ,dignity and honor to black people.

All black should be treat with respect ,dignity and honor.Tom robinson is a black polite and respectful man ,but one day he was accused for the rapped of Mayella Ewell.? I asked her if he beat like that ,she said yes he had.Asked her if he took advantage of her and he said yes he did.So I went down to robinson house and brought him back ? (Harper Lee 223).

Tom Robinson was in a complicate situation because back to this century rapeing were consider as an act of homcide ,especially from a black person.People did not gave him a chance because for them the black people do not deserve honor n the society.?Didn’t they try to stop him ?Didn’t they give him any warning??(harper lee 315).Tom Robinson is kill right away because for the people was were around him ,he is considered dangerous with is two good arm and his speed .

They shoot he him seventeen times but he was not necessary because he did not want to hurt anyone ,he was just scared.We should not reject people by their skin color because their dignity can be trample…..quote.People should not be reject by the skin color because we are all equall ,God create us to his image and resemblance.

We lived in a society where black people are considered as animal and trash .

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There are not not considered as humain.People should change they mentality because humain died but the mentality stay the same.

Secondly we should not judge people according to their poverty,lifestyle and social situation.Aunt Alexandra should not talk like that about Walter because he did not choose to be pover. Also she should not insult him because it not because he pover that he do or have any manner or knowledge?because he-is-trash,that is why you can’t play with him.I’ll not have you around him,picking up his habits and learning?(Harper Lee 301).For aunt Alexandra ,the cunninghams are not good folks and scout should not play with him because he belongs to the low class .We should think we are part of the social community and so we should help each other.? the cunninghams never took anything they can’t pay back….they never took anything of anybody they get along what they have ? (Harper Lee 26).Atticus is the only person who see positively in the cunningham because for him even the cunninghams are poor but they still honest and Jem is the only person who see invited WAlter the cunninghams to take dinner to they house.third ……..

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Attitue to Black People
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