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All because of Werner von Bettina Haskamp Review Paper

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Paper type: Review , Subject: Book Reviews

Clara (51) and Werner Backman (61) have been married for 30 years. They belong with their house in the Algarve for the upper class. Man playing golf, driving a Land Rover and is a member of the Lions Club. Your marriage is only an arrangement.

Werner has always been an arrogant macho been holding the free all-round support by his wife for granted.

In public, he treats her disrespectfully. Since it is a “cricket” without self-confidence, she is not opposed to his insolence. Separation is not an option for them. Social protection is still prefer it. They drowned their sorrows with alcohol, caffeine and nicotine.

Werner flying to Brazil, where he meets his dream woman. On his return he will at once separate from Clara. Instead of looking forward to finally get rid of this Ekelpaket, this still falls deeper into depression.

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Silent footsteps she enters slowly their new life. Empowers an attorney to represent their claims against Werner, buys a VW Bulli and acquires barren Alentejo a large plot with a dilapidated hut. She quickly becomes warm with the local residents, especially with Joao (74 years) and his wife Ana.

With the help of Joao Clara renovated their cottage. It is self-confident. “I even liked me. And I liked the life that I had set myself.” (P 196)

Of course, Clara experienced a little romance, and Heike and Celeste, two over-excited girlfriends, they want to be happy “marry off” and annoy them pretty.

a potentially uncertain future project ends the action.

This entertaining, easy-to-read novel form I written from Clara’s point of view in. Clara’s way to new conditions is slow. The result – life in the country – corresponds fully to its nature and character. Again and again keeps Clara pause and reflect about themselves with a sharp, ironic spring. It is entertaining and funny

Portugal Alentejo is a barren, dominated by olive trees landscape. it is sparsely populated, only the older locals remained. These radiate a warmth that literally infects. reflect this mood is Barbara Haskamp managed very well by their exact observation and the corresponding description.

Beneficial is that this novel settles from another woman books by namely not served the usual stereotype of women after stand the separation from her wed spouse finally on the turbo gear to experience everything that had been denied them: a lot of Bubis with money, cars and designer clothes, Sex in noise and additionally the top job that always waited for them has …

As interested readers will feel mostly women aged 40 plus addressed.

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