Alcohol Dependence Takes Human Lives

Ryan, 28 – an extremely alcoholic who had been abused and suffering from alcohol. With support from family and friends, he took the health check to find out how alcohol had been damaging his body. With bad results from severe serious damaged organs, his life was threatened. After that, he took a huge step to take the treatment. He said after rehab, he wanted to provide for himself and provide for others. Unfortunately, it was too late. He died before getting any move to get rid of the poison in his body because of seriously damaged organs.

Ryan started to drink much more than the recommended level when he was 24 – after his dad died. Being an alcoholic, his health had been suffering, his organs ‘had been screaming”- said by Dr. Ho. His brain sometimes had stopped sending signals, then he got vomit, suffocated, and went to sleep. Slow-down brain activities caused speech to slur and created a temporary drift in and out of consciousness.

Moreover, the long-term potential was that major organs could be permanently damaged as they had to cope with the constant flow of liquid poison around the circulatory systems.

Also, he could hear voices in the head. His organs, especially his heart, livers, and pancreases got damaged badly. His heart was getting woken, livers were overloaded, and pancreases were overly dry. Due to the severe damage was done to his digestive system, eating was painful. He barely ate because he would vomit and get hurt. Moreover, Ryan had a serious hip injury which occurred during a drunken episode.

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Alcohol had strangled the blood vessels and the region the bones in the hip joints. The bones had been cut off from the vital nutrients needed. The bone had begun to die. It called avascular necrosis, which led to unbalanced body posture. There was no hope for his hip without major surgeries.

There are several facts from the movie make me get aware of the alcoholism. These are “One out of ten alcoholics has mental health problems,” “Only one out of five alcoholics can beat the addiction,” and “Withdrawal from an alcoholic is more dangerous than withdrawal from the drug.” In fact, there are so many reasons that lead people get a drink, also so many ways for any adults can purchase alcohol. While Marijuana is illegal, alcohol kills. We, the society, need alcohol to make connections, to get sober and have fun, etс and it turns out the fact that “one out of 17 American cases of abuse alcohol.”

Addictions are easy to access, but hard to quit. Same rules for any other addictions, such as gaming addiction, tobacco addiction, or alcohol addiction. These can get us to feel so good at first and give us some certain ways to satisfy. For example, the feeling of being the victory in a game or the feeling of getting high on the drug can cause dependency and form habits. At this point, the addicted person finds so hard to get out of the habit and the great feeling they always have.

People with addiction, lose control over their actions. They always think about drugs, alcohol, or other substances and seek out for them. They turn into other people at that moment because they could do whatever to get that object. Only when they get satisfied, they could calm and become normal.

This movie reminds me about my uncle who was also an alcoholic. He died two years ago because of damaged livers. He used to be violent to anybody stops him from drinking. Sometimes, he did feel regret for had been drinking, and what he had done to everyone. But he just could not stop it. I did not know how he or any addicts started to drink, but there are so many people go get a drink or use tobacco to get rid of stress. If they keep doing this and have the dependency, sooner or later they will form new habits. I do not know how to stop people from getting addicted, but I am trying my best to get myself healthy. I believe if I am physically and emotionally healthy, I can impact people around me to have a healthy lifestyle.

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