Allegory of the Cave in education process

Escaping the cave in our modern times is like graduating from the classroom environment. It would be like learning about life after high school. Imagine you are a student who just got told that not all your maths books have the right answer in the back and that even thou the person who wrote the book has a PhD in mathematics and they made a calculation error that wasn’t caught when the book went for publication. This would seem a hard concept to grasp because we tend to believe that people who have PhDs are specialists in their fields and they don’t make a lot of mistakes.

Whence, why we believe what they teach us. Learning that you need to verify the answers in the textbook or learning that you need to do maths for entrance at university while you hate maths is the enlightenment process. In reference to the Allegory of the cave by Plato, this would be the moment when the prisoner got released and he had to see the fire behind him.

The education process is a hard one because finding out that you have to leave your home and finding out that you no need to learn new things requires assistance from others. This is where you have the teacher playing the role of enlightening other prisoners in the cave and as an enlightened individual, you yourself would have had to be assisted by other people. In the allegory, Plato describes the painful process that the Prisoner had to go through whereby his eyes were hurting and his body was still adjusting to not being restrained anymore this would be the process of being educated.

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The uphill battle to being educated involves you disputing the teacher’s instruction. For example, most learners ask “ why do I have to do this homework? why do I have to submit this project on time?”. Students would need help from their parents and need help from their teachers and their community in order for them to be fully enlightened or to be educated. In other words students need to be forced to be educated when they are reluctant to study, For example, you would threaten to call their parents when they didn’t do their home. Once we are educated this gives us a particular new set of skills where we are now able to reflect back from when we were students from when we were still in the cave and believing that shadows were the truth. we now know what is real and we can now look at ourselves in terms of a timeline and see where we come from in the cave to the outside the cave and now we feel sorry for those other people who are still in the classroom and must learn.

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