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The new “Albergo Italia” in Asmara (Eritrea) to represent the size and culture of the colonial power whose proud name it bears. No expense was spared for its illustrious guests can conduct their activities in an exclusive environment. But already falls on the day of the official opening – in addition to a violent hailstorm – a shadow on the modern magnificent: from the ceiling of his room, the naked body of Antonio Farandola, printers dangling from Turin. That suicide is faked, the expert eye quickly becomes clear and that the killer still have been in the room must, which broke when the police from inside locked door.

Therefore, only four people come as suspects in question.

The study derives capitano Colaprico of the royal carabinieri with his assistant OGBA, a local auxiliary police (< em> zaptié ). The two are a perfect team. Colaprico was previously stationed in the Maremma and in Sicily, where he fought the brigandage, then came in Palermo to what was called onto the track there, “maffia”.

As soon as he believed the phenomenon better to understand and recognize connections in ever higher circles – about the marchese Emanuele Notarbartolo, the presidente del Banco di Sicilia – as he was quickly promoted and seconded to the East African colonia .

OGBA served as a soldier than you it took for the challenging task in the carabinieri reali di Asmara in the eye. was the question of what “la migliore qualità per uno zaptié “, he did not think like its competitors, to the shooting, but said, “osservare.

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” Then, on demand, “ascoltare Anche.” Finally: “Conoscere.” He had circumscribed his own qualities, to which are razor-sharp logic, independence, unconditional loyalty and fine diplomacy belong. For he knows how the men are knit: “L’aveva capito subito che lo sgabello era troppo basso per impiccarsi, ma anche che ai sapeva t’liàn piaceva credere di averle fatte loro, le cose. Çullu ba’l è , so tutto io. ” If he has something to contribute, then only “con tutto il rispetto, signore.” The capitano makes Ogbàs fine restraint but only impatient, because he respects his “Sherlock Holmes abissino” and trusted him fully.

A second crime, no less remarkable, the two need to educate , Unknown broke into a military camp. With floor to ceiling stacked boxes in it they could not do anything, because they are full of skis with the emblem of the Royal Mountaineer Corpo degli Alpini … How come skis to the Horn of Africa? To move charges as in a gioco delle tre carte (the “shell game”) until they finally disappear was a hundred years ago a popular method of enrichment – but that’s another story … The burglars also found a small safe, with the rental of one of the guards aufbesserte his pay, and they dragged the only booty. Soon you will find the safe at a bearing point somewhere in the rocky hinterland, open, empty, and then the mutilated remains of the severed head of Lallai, a gang leader …

The two cases, it turns out, have to do with each other, but the question of who committed the murder in “Albergo Italia” will be released only at the end. Until then, the two model police interrogate diverse personalities, following clues into the hot nowhere, discuss their theories. The murder-chamber play and the theft of some little things are the result of an incredible (real historical) affair, over spills from the highest circles of the motherland in the exotic East …

In addition to the exciting Krimiplot has this book even more pages make it absolutely worth reading.

as in Lucarellis other novels we may enjoy fine characterizations, both protagonists as well as many minor characters, such as the young Ualla that will distract the duty soldiers. As always, a pleasure is the sparkling style of this author, who plays with the words, knocks its shades of meaning, tried their sound, and not only in Italian but also in Tigrigna , one of the languages ​​of the colony.

Most interessantesten but how Lucarelli Italy’s colonial history prepared. Even more: But that he does this is unusual. Because so far the inglorious period (which, after all, lasted six decades) literary remained unheeded. Three decades after gaining nation-state unit wanted the country to get involved in the division of Africa among the great powers. It was hoped that arable land, cheap raw materials and international power gain. Since 1882, the Italians in Eritrea on the Red Sea set firm and also taught alongside military infrastructure an attempt plantations. The clashes with the oppressed and hintergangenen Abyssinian Emperor ( “Negus”) Menelik II. Escalated into a war that ended on 01.03.1896 with the crushing defeat of the Italians at Adowa.

From this phase is the first Lucarellis colonial novel, “L’ottava vibrazione” [Lesen here my review of Carlo Lucarelli: “L’ottava vibrazione” on books Rezensionen”

As the “Albergo Italia” will be opened, life returns to normal in the colony. Gloss and dreams of the early days have three years after Adua, whose trauma is still omnipresent, evaporates; it has withdrawn from the stuffy port city of Massawa to the pleasant highlands and Asmara (2,300m ü.d.M.) chosen as a new center. (Since 1889 occupied Asmara is 1900 capital of the colony and remains there until the arrival of the British in 1941.) Not have changed the audience: There is the high society of the administration and the military to foist them playing, scientists, journalists and elegant ladies, therebetween dubious Wheeler, adventure, Hazard your, cheater, and the limits of integrity are fluid. The colony is proving to be a microcosm of the ills of the motherland reflects and gets to feel that it was not able to take up today, including abuse of office, bribery, fraud, intrigue. The historical detective story is so far a recent post: “corruzione, mafia, maneggi politici: ogni volta che INDAGO il passato trovo corrispondenze con il presente” says Lucarelli

capitano Colaprico. and his confidant OGBA (a duo of tribute to Arthur Conan Doyle) are in their opaque, lively environment fixed points incorruptible honesty. The role model is unobtrusive, but intentional. For the proud troops of the Arma dei Carabinieri celebrated on July 13, 2014 the 200th anniversary of its founding by King Vittorio Emanuele I, and since “la letteratura … ha un potere … di carne offrire e sangue all ideas, “four books were launched by authors of the first division in cooperation with the publishing house Einaudi, which are able to increase the fame of the guild. A special edition of the four books is only issued to carabinieri

• 1846-48 : Giancarlo De Cataldo: “nell’ombra e nella luce” [

• 1899 : Carlo Lucarelli: “Albergo Italia” (June 2014)

• 1980 : Gianrico Carofiglio: “Una mutevole verità” [Read my review of Gianrico Carofiglio:” Una mutevole verità ” on books reviews “

• 1980 : Valerio Massimo Manfredi:” Le inchieste del colonnello Reggiani “[Read my review of Valerio Massimo Manfredi: “Le inchieste del colonnello Reggiani “in Books Reviews”

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