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Company Profile

The company has four giant agricultural projects in each of: Haradh – Hail – Wadi Al-Dawasir – Al-Jawf, in addition to the date filling plant in Hofuf, and it is concerned with many plant production activities: integrated wheat production that serves its purpose shown below: yellow corn, fodder, potatoes and onions In addition to vegetables, fruits and animal production oil: represented by raising cows. Olive and natural honey production.

Food processing: The manufacture of fresh milk includes raw milk, calves and their derivatives, such as milk, milk, yogurt, labneh, cream, various cheeses, dairy desserts, as well as the production of fresh juices.

The company owns many sales centers, which cover most of the kingdom and the Gulf states, with a total of 33 centers, through which the (net) products are sold and marketed.

A Brief History of the Company

Sensing from the government of the Saudi Arabia the importance of the agricultural sector as one of the important tributaries in the national economy system.

And the food security it achieves, the wise political decision to start the launch of the comprehensive agricultural renaissance by setting up large agricultural projects and stimulating the private sector to have a primary and important role in this renaissance.

One of the first fruits of this policy was the establishment of the National Agricultural Development Company (Al-Safi) according to the royal decree issued on 1401 AH corresponding to 1981 AD, which decided to convert the Haradh Agricultural Production Company and thus (Al-Safi) was established as the first and largest agricultural Saudi joint stock company with a capital of 400 million Saudi riyals divided into 40 million shares with a nominal value of 10 riyals per share, and the government contributed 20% to the company’s capital

Mission Statement

Creating products that allow consumers to enjoy good health, a good diet and a great lifestyle.

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Vision Statement

Contribute positively to improving the health and lifestyle of consumers by providing them with a range of healthy and delicious products.

Social Responsibility

Al-Safi announced the signing of an agreement with the Etihad Charity Association to volunteer the employees of Al-Safi Al-Safi in partnership with Etihad and in support of charitable work efforts in the Kingdom, where Mr. Mohammed bin Hassan Al-Shuhail, CEO of Al-Safi Dairy and Mr. Amer Al-Barjas, CEO of Riyadh Food, signed the agreement on Tuesday, 17th January 2017.

The agreement stipulates that Al-Safi employees should volunteer with the Ataam Association to participate in its programs in the cities of Riyadh, Jeddah and the eastern region and allow them to volunteer during working hours, in the belief of Al-Safi Al-Safi’s role in companies in supporting volunteer work in the Kingdom and also to contribute

Supporting the National Transformation Plan 2030, which aims to raise the level of volunteering in the Kingdom.

The type of volunteering that employees undertake will vary between collecting and storing surplus food and then distributing it according to the time of volunteering.

The agreement will support the efforts of Ettam Association by encouraging employees of Al-Safi net to logistical support to implement several feeding programs under the supervision of the association, and the agreement will contribute to the integration of employees in the organization and their involvement in social responsibility programs, and contribute to providing volunteer youth in more than one city, citing efforts to feed in charitable work and save Grace to its sustainability.

The association seeks to create awareness and spread the culture of volunteering and encourage youth participation to increase the work of the association and intensify it, in addition to spreading the culture of preserving grace in our society through partnership with Al Safi Al Safi to educate the community about the importance of volunteering, preserving grace and distributing excess food with the best international quality and safety standards.

It is worth noting that Al-Safi is one of the pioneering companies in social responsibility programs through several programs such as establishing and adopting the Al-Safi Club for Friends of the Environment and also establishing the Al-Safi Center for Kidney Dialysis in Al-Kharj in addition to establishing the Safio Cup for Buds.

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