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AI is rapidly taking over the world and getting into the roots Essay

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AI is rapidly taking over the world and getting into the roots of human system to bring betterment over the entire world. In just few years it has created wonders for thousands of start-ups. About 45 from these AI start-ups are solely working on the chips; the New York Times. Here are 21 AI major companies, who are playing an important role in shaping a better future of artificial intelligence and its capabilities.

AlBrain: The entire focus of their work is to develop AI to the extent which is infused with the human abilities of solving problems, learning and memory.

Amazon: They are providing the world with consumer-oriented and business-oriented products run on AI.

Anki: They are working to bring robotics into every day routine of human beings.

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Apple: They have possession of the 4 most significant AI start-ups in the entire AI circle.

Banjo: They work for making social media and connection of the people around the globe better by using AI.

CloudMinds: They are working on developing CI-cloud intelligence- where the robots can work effective and get operated by human beings.

Deepmind: It is a research firm which conducts researches on AI development. These researches are then widely used by developers to bring development in AI.

Facebook: FAIR are research institutes built by Facebook, its working on getting the better understanding of the commute of the people doing.

Google: AI tech that Google works on has 12 start-ups which are all invested in making their services and experiences better and better for the people.

H2O: It is a platform that provides all the leading resources for deep learning. The significance of their promises is that they are striving for AI to work on AI.

IBM: IBM is one of the oldest services providers of AI and is busy delivering the cloud-based analytics and AI related services throughout the world.

iCarbonX: It is a company that provides customised health services by using AI. They collect all the information required for health-care and use algorithm for the medical services they provide to people.

intel: intel itself possesses two AI projects that are working for the betterment of systems they are joint to and also helping other search engines to have the right AI acceleration for boosting their own work.

Iris AI: It is helping researchers throughout the world in finding the right researches and makes them better at searching.

Microsoft: They provide their AI services in both consumers’ sectors and also in business or IT related projects.

Next IT: They are the creator of the Chabot which allows the companies and industries to commute with their consumers with ease.

OpenAI: It is also one of the leading AI research institutes that promise to provide the best of AI services through their researches so that all the human beings can benefit the best from them.

Salesforce: The Company provides AI services which helps different kinds of employees to make their performances better and effective in most simplest and fastest ways possible.

Twilio: It is a services based on cloud communications which allows the working developers to communicate through different forms of APIs.

Twitter: A social media platform that has invested heavily in the development of AI. They have already bought 4 of AI based start-ups which are making the experiences of their users of whole different levels.

Zebra Medical Vision: This Company rely on the deep learning techniques in radiology so that they can help in predicting many different illnesses. These predictions according to their claim will be far better than any human can predict.

About the author

This paper is written by Sebastian He is a student at the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA; his major is Business. All the content of this paper is his perspective on AI is rapidly taking over the world and getting into the roots and should be used only as a possible source of ideas.

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