Returning Home with an International Degree

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After completing my master degree, I will be back to my home country. Obliviously I will have an international degree and at the same time I will have a stronger confident with international exposure, ideas, experience and a wide range of understanding on the working environment and its management. I will have many doors opened with a variety of career opportunities as the CSU Study Centres MBA program will provide me with relevant, real-world skills, knowledge and experience to help me succeed at the highest levels in business and industry.

But I will start my own company related to fashion industry here in my home country. As I have done my Bachelor of Fashion Design and have worked as a Junior Fashion Designer since 2015, I have seen an unlimited scope of Fashion Industry in Nepal. The global fashion industry has a huge impact on Nepalese society. People have gone more conscious on what they wear and how. After the completion of my MBA, I will be capable and confident enough to start my own company.

I am aware that the fashion industry is very lucrative. Nepal being culturally and naturally diverse country has a lot of inspiration for the fashion industry. I believe starting a new business, in Nepal, is not for the ones who lack boldness and courage.

My MBA will certainly make me confinement to face and solve the usual uncertainty about the demand for my service, product and the competition. Nepal lies between two of the fastest growing economies of the world, India and China, as a least developed country, Nepal is entitled to preferential treatment in a number of rich markets, www.

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Hire writer I believe that a low-cost and non-hostile workforce and a small and accessible bureaucracy are the advantages for me to start my own company.

Intention to return back to home country:

We Nepalese are traditionally bounded people who strongly believe in living together sharing happiness and sorrows together and most importantly being each others support system. I believe that family and friends are the backbones of any persons life.

Moreover, Nepal is a beautiful developing god-gifted country with many developing projects going on. Nepal is in need of the man power like us. And it is my dream to work hard for the benefit of my home country. It is good news that Nepal offers lots of opportunities for international degree holders. Besides, Nepal is in the developing stage, so as a responsible citizen of my nation I do have duties and responsibilities towards it. Thus after the completion of my studies I will sincerely return back to my home country and utilize the degree here. On one hand, I can also begin my career as a Business Director, Human Resources Manager, Administration Head, Product Manager and so on in the reputed companies of the country. With this I can sharpen my entrepreneurship skills, leading skills, talking skills which are valuable in any organization. And for long term I have decided to start my own Company and share my experience and knowledge in Nepal. My parents are very supportive and tell me that whenever I decide to start my own business they will support me.

Funding for my Study

I want to assure that my tuition fees along with all the living expenses, travel cost and my stay in Australia will be funded by my family. They will be taking the sole responsibility for all of my expenditure throughout my stay in Australia. My family annual income is AUD31,769 and a bank of AUD60,758.90 is maintained in the account number 04400501206172 in Everest Bank Limited, Bagbazar Branch under my mothers name Mrs. Roma Sarki. I reassure you that my family has a sound income source and adequate fund to sponsor me. Moreover, they are happy to contribute for my further studies.

Accommodation in Australia

Sydney city offer stunning, high quality, peaceful and safe student accommodation for international students. The 2014 Mercer Quality of Living Survey ranks Sydney tenth in the world in term of quality of living. I found variety of option for room. The rooms are quite spacious and ventilated but rental price varies from one suburb to another and the condition of the property. I prefer to live near my campus, where the accommodation is the perfect spot to be in and with nearer bus/train station and supermarket would be perfect. I found sharing accommodation is quite popular with international students. I also searched some sites related to accommodation on websites in Sydney such as,, and prices are also affordable. I also found each accommodation option offers different benefits and costs. I am also well aware that the average annual expenditure for my accommodation will come AU$ 20,290. Moreover, I will have options for shared accommodation as well as it is the most popular among international students.

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Returning Home with an International Degree
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