Advertising Tourism in Pakistan

The following example essay on “Advertising tourism in Pakistan” talks about Advertised tourism is steered by duplicitous media; rigorously trying to sell standard various products.

During my stay in Pakistan, it has become evident that countries in Asia, up to this present time are portrayed by its past media coverage which contributes to infrequent tourism. Visiting Pakistan has shown that there is an opportunity of managing larger tourism in third world countries. The country leaders like Imran Khan vow to utilize resources to boost tourism, emphasising potential opening markets.

The current adapting globalization with cross-cultural settings is a very interesting aspect of tourism, as it involves international development with sustainability. I enjoy understanding how consumers become increasingly aware of what they buy, and the impacts caused by it. My eagerness to start my future in a dynamic environment is fuelled by the exploration of the topics of cross-cultural management, and the impacts and the framework in which this industry operates in.

Throughout my studies, I have maintained Distinctions with hard work and efforts filled with motivation to achieve the best grades. Alongside my studies, Ive taken work experience at a charity organisation, Forget Me Not. The role specialised into delivering customer service as well as managing the business in the aim of sales maximisation. This opportunity has granted me the ability to be a better leader who can communicate well with the team. Having been taught methods of managing employees, the charity work experience provided understanding on how to create satisfactory training because of taken leadership opportunities.

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Frequent opportunities to engage in the tourism industry are essential as they give you experiences and career skills which attribute towards the work. I have found that being involved more than academically is important because its a chance to learn more. Having been appointed onto the Student Union community as a super representative and an equality officer gave me the chance to progress and develop further. Ive been working responsibly by delivering sufficient and ethical work, by making sure students are heard and raised problems are dealt with. Recently, Ive contributed to organising and managing the Christmas fair.

Motivation was an important factor as engaging with students and buyers has increased the productivity tremendously as the committee has sold all products on the Christmas fair. It has shown that Herzbergs Two Factor Theory on management is still used in aspects of work. However, my biggest achievement to this date is winning the colleges annual Outstanding Learner Success Award which has been given to me by the Travel & Tourism partnership sponsor. I believe that by hard work and acquired determination throughout my stay in England, I was able to achieve this award.

When I was 11 years old, I moved to England with the passion to seize opportunities. I began to learn English as well as Spanish and French. As a child, I learned to be independent as living with no familiarities took a good deal of resilience and bravery. Since then, I have continuously developed my skills, aiming for bigger ambitions with each year. I have worked in various waitressing jobs in my free time, to gain work experience which contributed to my organisational and communicational skills. During my high school years, I have taken up on musicals and have also been awarded the Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award. It showed me that independence is not the key to success but teamwork too as it positively affects the quality of work.

Moreover, with the current political and global environmental state, I want to be part of a working community that endeavours to do better. Being an immigrant has made my love for travelling and the tourism business be deeper as it was an enjoyable aspect of moving away from my home country. I believe that the Tourism sector is advancing and given the chance, I would like to be part of it.

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Advertising Tourism in Pakistan
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