Advantages of Genetically Modified Food

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GMO apples have passed the FDA and USDA reviewing process making GMO apples that don’t turn brown, the most recent GMO to be certified by the FDA and USDA. The FDA is responsible for making sure that the GMO crops are safe to eat for people and animals.The USDA is in charge of making sure that all GMOs are regulated as they are sold.

A GMO or genetically modified organism is a organism that has had its DNA modified in some way by genetically engineering the organism’s DNA usually giving it a desired trait from a different organism.

To genetically engineer a organism it would mean to make a modification of the trait of a organism and manipulating the genetic material (genes).

Scientists have created a GMO pig as well as a mouse that glow in the dark from inserting jellyfish DNA that makes them glow in the dark.

This is called genetically engineering, genetically engineering in this case would be taking the gene of a jellyfish that produces bioluminescence and inserting the gene in the pig and mouse allowing them to glow in the dark. The purpose of doing this experiment was to test if they could turn cancer cells in mice and pigs into fat cells turning them green from the jellyfish DNA.

GMOs typically come in the form of Corn, Cotton, Potatoes, Papaya, Squash, Canola and Alfalfa. The reason these ten GMO crops are the most common is because they are the most commonly sold at supermarkets and have passed the FDA and USDA review, they are not the only GMOs being sold at markets but are the most common as today.

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All GMO crops are made specifically to get a trait to either make the crop healthier, to make taste better or for the crop to survive better when growing. A example of this would to get a trait of a crop thats makes bugs go away and not eat the plant and taking that gene and genetically engineering the second crop to have that gene as well there for you have made a new GMO.

GMO’s in out current state are actually reducing money prices in the food industry. The reason is because all Gmos are more efficient for producing the plants product which would mean for the GMO plant that it is less expensive to make and keep making The plant compared to non GMO plants.In fact Gmos have helped to produce more GMO corn and soybeans making them go cheaper and cheaper as time goes on. Gmos plants like corn have been specifically made to be bug repellent causing them to produce more corn and too reduce the chance of disease also reducing prices for treatment.

For twenty years that Gmos have been sold not once have they made anyone sick or die form a GMO.Many people say that Gmos are not safe for you because they are made in a lab.For a GMO too be sold to the public that would have had too been approved by the FDA and USDA, if they have not been approved they could be bad for you and if sold that would mean it was illegally sold.

Gmos are safe for the environment and even beneficial for farmers by saving land as well as not using as many resources that non GMO plants use being beneficial for the environment and for farmers or anyone growing a GMO. Gmos can also be beneficial because a lot of them have a trait that allows them to cope with stress levels when they have no water giving them the ability to survive a lot longer than non GMO plants with the desired trait.GMOs help farmers with basic work like not using money to spray too weeds too go away because GMOs can grow in the left over organic matter from the weeds.

There has never been a GMO in a animal produced resource like milk before after a animal has eaten a GMO.The reason is would be because all animals that eat Gmos They are eating the DNA and protein and are digesting both of these things making sure that the is digested and has broken down the DNA and protein causing the animal too not produce their product with a GMO trait inside of the product. Many scientists have done constant tests on the product too see if there’s any GMO DNA inside of the product but every test has been negative ensuring that there is no GMO DNA inside of the product.

The process of making a GMO is too isolate the desired trait of the organism and too insert it into a new genome and them too shoot the seed with a gene gun shooting the DNA in metal particles. A genome is a set of chromosomes in each multicellular organism.A gene gun is a plastic gun that will shoot metal particles with DNA coated on them delivering them to the nucleus of the plant or seed.

Gmos are genetically modified organisms. A GMO is specifically made to help survive in the environment it lives in by giving it a trait by inserting the trait DNA into the plants seed producing a GMO plant with reproducible seeds. When a GMO seed is created it is put into many tests before being planted and being sold to the public for safety reasons and too test for mutation. Gmos are very beneficial because they are not using very much water, by having a gene put into them that has drought tolerance causing farmers to not use as much water while growing crops.As well as saving money because Gmos are making better crops like disease resistance causing people to buy the produced resource by the GMO. And saving money by people not having to go to the hospital to get cured.

Up to 70% of US food has some sort of genetic engineering to it. There is currently 10 GMOs being sold in grocery stores.The reason is is because all GMO foods need to go through the FDA and USDA review process. Genetically modifying organisms is different than cross breeding. Cross breeding is mating two different organisms to make a hybrid. Genetically modifying organisms is altering the organisms DNA in some way.

GMOs are helpful for farmers.Their is a trait for Gmos that makes the GMO bug resistant.This helps farmers be able to produce their product and make more money. Most farmers use GMO seeds.GMOs cause farmers better resource production. The reason is because the GMO crops have genes specifically chosen for the GMO too be able to survive easier in its environment.

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