Company profile

Hope Technology has established on 2012 it’s located in JID ALI where all vital activities are going on. Hope Technology provides electronic service as well as gadget, IT solution, graphic design, multimedia and software development.

The organization aims to be a leader in their segment and will become more professional than any other company by providing high quality services and products with affordable and convenient price.

Basic Management Functions (Planning-Controlling)


  • Mission Statement

Hope technology mission is customer satisfaction, by keeping customers updated with the latest brand technology and gives the advanced technology in-knowledge, fun and style.

  • Vision Statement

Hope technology to be leader in technology segment and to become more professional than any other company by providing high quality services and products with affordable and convenient price.


  •  Hope is partnership company the focuses to be a leader in IT field which providing technology with knowledge, style and most important element is to add fun while using the technology with style.

  •  Before the organization open in the market they had to face the social environment, considering financial crises and people affordability and mentality.
  •  Hope Technology has hired a professional employee with previous experience in:
  1.  Management
  2.  Programming
  3.  designing
  4.  Sales
  5.  marketing
  6.  Specialty in finance and account
  7.  Consulting

Most of companies and organization they limited their scope by focus on one or two element example focusing only in fixing electronic devices and others focus only on technology accessories however new look technology expand their scope by delivering the need of technology to say all the requirement need it for the technology from a-z.

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The owners of the organization seek to create a good impact on in the market with high quality of their products and service with affordable price. In future Hope technology plan to sign an agreement with national agencies to expand their range.

Operational Plan

  • Production
  1.  ordering from outside country
  2. Local suppliers.
  •  Differentiation(Competitive Advantages)
  1.  Social networking
  2.  low prices
  3.  electronic service as well as gadget
  4.  IT solution
  5.  graphic design
  6.  Multimedia and software development
  7.  Other various type of projects.


Hope technology has specific standard to run the business: One is to give the employees some space to deliver new ideas for the business from application, designing and marketing as well to reach monthly sales target and making sure there is enough product to sale in stock that will not cause any delay to deliver any item that is highly demand by the customers.

By the end of the month targeted sales should meet the standard and a same thing goes to programing, designing and marketing.

The shop has some technique when standard performance not matching with current situation in business, the owners will set meeting to discuss about business situation in details especially with economic crises the company need to find way to survive.

Some of the technique that has been taking is to change work environment and empower employees, for the programmers and designers the manger has register them for courses to develop them while marketer to develop new strategy that sales can follow to reach the target by going outdoor sales to companies and institutions and others will stay inside the building to handle coming customers which called “indoor sales”, by the help of designers; marketer can distribute procures, posters around the area with help of sales team also to deal with companies that can add shop advertisement in signboard with low cost as possible, the programmer can add those designs and information that given from marketer and design team in the website of the shop.

Meanwhile managers take round to see the performance of the work by participating with employees and give them guidelines to follow to make sure they reach customer satisfaction and to reach shop target.

Finally managers will review the changes that been made and compare it again with previous report to make an action.

Assessment of Management Practices

ssessments to management practice:

Using best tools for the job:

  • Hope technology need to use updated software’s to maintain sales, stock and finance record to compare between previous year record and current year.
  • Barcode scanning system is very useful to keep track on sales and stock items availability to make employees job less complicated.
  • Cloud system is a turn head in technology world which allow users and managers to raise all information in cloud system and allow all users with specific restriction to view information according to job responsibility at anytime and anywhere using phones and personal device.

Making sure depreciation track accurate: Calculating depreciation is very importing because the organization will be able to control and keep track of all the purchase and expense from insurance and maintenance and upcoming tax in 2019 to avoid any financial crises.

Streamline hardware and software: It is very importing to manage the integration of hardware and software so the result of the information will be accurate and correct, also updating the software will add features that will be more friendly to be used by users as well as hardware updating feature of hardware will able the user easy to scan the information and save it and secure it.

Physical rounds: Managers should take between time to time rounds to view work performance and give guidelines to employees to enhance work performance.

Motivations: In order to develop the business managers need to give some motivation to employees and make them feel they are bond with organization and value by given them rewards in such as courses, increment, day off from work and certifications for the good work performance.


Hope Technology is small business and can grow in the market by keep updating them self with latest technology, find out customer needs and wants, build software with unique design and program language that customers can use for projects, institution and organizations.

In my opinion that hope technology need to put more effort on advertisement in social media and brochures, allow employees to do outdoor sales and reward them with attractive bonces like given some percentage amount for the sales they have made or by having day off and to show that managers care about business and employees and give some authority to build cycle trust and strong bond between the organization and employees , if hope technology manager has managed to establish that it will create strong business with strong and loyal team member.

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