Advantages and Disadvantages of Cell Phone Usage

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Cell phones are a device that is obtained by almost all of the world’s population. As we face advances in technology. interactions with cell phones are processed within seconds such as calling, texting, browsing social media and entertainment. A portable device that also multi-use can be extremely beneficial and help make the digital era, a much easier time to handle, but considering the power of the device, there can be a downside if misused. There are many ways that cell phones can be used, such as distractions, but can also be an advantage to save lives.

It depends on who the person is using the cell phone Cell phones have advanced from wired use to the ability to scan the face of a user to unlock the cellular device in less than 10 years. As the years go on, the founders of cell phones are constantly progressing in the use of these phones and can be extremely beneficial to those who are using them correctly.

Due to the advances of these cell phones, they help people of all ages advance in their intelligence. Students who are in school and possess a cell phone have instant access to the web which can hold the answers to unlimited information. Simply typing in a question into a search engine such as Google can unfold answers within seconds which are helpful to students in school with questions. This provides students with an easy way of getting their questions across without having to undergo funher limits such as asking a teacher.

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of course, a cellular device is an outstanding learning tool, but it also provides a great deal of safety to people as well. Considering the evolution in technology and the ability to interact within seconds, this is a great way in which parent-to-child communication is dramatically enhanced. With a few clicks of a screen, a parent can reach out to his/her child instantly whether it’s via text or call.

This can keep many kids out of hann‘s way and is a way to ensure a parent‘s child is safe at all times. With some devices. parents don’t even need to reach out to know the location of their child due to the location tracker that an iPhone possesses. This helps parents acknowledge exactly where their children are and what time they were there. Cell phones are a necessity for those who are responsible and mature enough to hold this device Cell phones have unlimited resources to help keep people in the best path possible but of course, with every amazing thing, there is a downside. Cellphones have become an addiction to people which can have a detrimental impact on the misusers. Cell phones demote productivity due to constant use of calling. texting. and social media.

The average American spends 4 hours daily messaging and browsing social media which is a large chunk of a day. Due to these statistics, people who have responsibilities such as school and work can be negatively affected if they misuse their cellular device. Studies show that having your cell phone within arms distance can impair your learning ability. 58 percent of failing grades are accounted for by cell phone use in class. Not only can it impair your responsibilities such as school and work but can also put people in great amounts of danger. For the addicted, 1.6 million people face car accidents due to cell phone use while driving.

This can be extremely unsafe for those using their cellular device and the unfortunate ones who are hit by vehicles by the people who are operating their vehicle while using the device on the road. The power of the cell phone is colossal. The list goes on for the pros and cons of cell phone use and it is up to the people behind the phone to choose whether they want to use the device for the benefit or for the danger. The innovation of a portable smanphone deals a great load of information for those who are seeking and great for keeping loved ones out of harTn’s way but can also invoke danger upon others and even cause them to neglect their mandatory responsibilities.

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