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It is with great enthusiasm that I write to recommend Ms. Jessica Macwan for admission into your Dental program. Jessica started at my practice about a year ago and has proven to be a great assistant that I have had the pleasure of working with. Jessica is a very social and likeable person with a strong passion in dentistry. She is excellent at multitasking as I have seen her handle both chairside assisting and front desk with equal professionalism. She is extremely intelligent and quickly picks up on concepts.

We have spent a lot of time discussing about her goals and areas of specializations. It is very evident that she has the drive to survive in this industry. She sees dentistry not as a career but a medium to genuinely help patients and work towards advancement of oral health through research.

Jessica is very strong willed and I see many qualities of a good dentist. I am very confident that she will be able to grasp the concepts and procedures that I employ every day at my practice.

Apart from that, she is a well articulated communicator. I believe that being able to talk to patients is very crucial as a dentist and I have seen first hand how Jessica communicates with patients at my practice and on the phone. Jessica assists me and my staff during routine prophy as well as complicated procedures in orthodontics, periodontics, endodontics, pediatric etc. Jessica shows utmost professionalism and poise and curiosity. She is familiar with all the common types of X-rays as well as instruments sterilization.

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She is very observant during procedures and has asked me some very good questions.

She has analyzed my interaction with my patients and my method of filing patient records and follow ups. Hereby, I can assure you that she has a deep and clear understanding of what a dentist does and the inner workings of a dental practice. Being a dentist myself, I am well aware about the qualities and standards that a potential student should meet and I can assure you that Jessica is a right fit for it. She has strong problem solving skills that will be very fruitful to her in Dental School. Jessica is very hard working and has the passion to achieve greatness in whatever she pursues. I have high hopes and expectations and I am sure she will be a brilliant addition to your school.


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