Addressing My Conflict with the Use of Conflict Management

Transformational and transactional styles in the management of conflicts and crises within the health units should be encouraged in order to build the relationship between nurse managers and staff nurses in hospitals. Transformational leadership is the process in which a leader and his subject contribute in raising one another morally while transactional leadership is the process that includes a dimension of a reward involving economic exchange to meet the need of the subject. Leadership styles in nursing management can be regarded to be effective if the management is able to retain the registered nurses by good personality patterns in the organizational development.

This enables nurses to work in a stress-free environment and acquire lob satisfaction. Job dissatisfaction among the staff nurses encroaches. With the unpopular leadership of nurse managers that lacks transformational and transactional styles.

This, hinder relationship and the spirit of unity in the hospital setting. In order to raise the standards of health practices. these leadership styles must be embraced in hospitals.

Consequently, we shall have nurses who are proud of their job. Such nurses deliver high-quality patient care. During my Visit to Karolinska University Hospital. Stockholm, Sweden I learnt that leadership style affects the performance of an organization. I found a head nurse who has laid down strategies to ensure that every staff nurse has a sense of belonging in the hospital. She uses a transformational leadership style to curb conflict and violent behaviors in patients where she is open to the nurses and shares her life experiences and challenges in her career.

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As a result, her staff is productive because of emulating their boss.

Furthermore, she is focusmg on the transactional leadership style which does not require personality traits but uses situations to bring out a positive result. The two styles if used together in the management of nursing Will improve nursing practice by enhancing job satisfaction, better health care and promote good working relationships between managers and staff nurses. Today I will be writing about different problems and resolutions within the arena of conflict management. The idea of conflict management is an issue that is present and alive today in the America and all across the World, not just in the workplace but also in everyday life interactions. With my paper I will talk about how I have come in contact with conflict, and how I used conflict. Management to work my way out of a situation that I really did not feel comfortable being in, I will go in depth about a situation that happened to me a few years ago and tell you how to solve the situation.

This paper will be about how I used conflict management and applied conflict management to my problem and solved my problem and resolved my issue. There are many instances that I have come across in my life where conflict has presented itself as a problem I have had many conflicts in my life, but I always have had a way to vent from the conflict and a way or a medium to resolve the conflict, Using conflict managementI have resolved most of my conflicts A conflict that sticks out to me was that I was robbed by a good friend of mine at gunpoint and we were best friends, In this situation I had to use conflict resolution The strategy I used within the slippery slope was negotiation; we had to work it out together for me to get my check back, It wasn’t a bad deal. It all started we were at my buddies house, and I had a check on me for $5,000 dollars, I pulled the check out and my friend went into the back room of his house he grabbed a gun and then came back to the room where was in a put the gun to my head, I was surprised and stunned all at the same time, I couldn‘t believe a good friend of mine was trying to rob me and we were so close.

So since I had the gun to my head I indeed gave up my check to him becattse it was either keep my check for $5,000 or die, so I decided to give my buddy the check to save my life, Once he lowered the gun from my head, I felt a little bit better, he then him another one of his buddies went in the back of his house to talk about something Once they did this I saw an when l was being robbed I felt horrible and a little be of resentment towards my pal After the robbery I came to my senses and understood that having a burden on my shoulder with being scared of getting robbed again or another act of violence happening I needed to make my decision of reconciliation and negotiation because in life you can‘t have burdens lingering on your shoulder everywhere that you go.

So by using the slippery slope this example offers us options for situations that arise that can provide peace and understanding to a situation where everything is crystal clear, it is a helpful resource for those people who have differences and need to come to some type of middle ground for an answer. I love the idea of the slippery slope because an element of the slippery slope equation helped save my life, negotiation is a powerful communication tool, and thanks to the slippery slope example I used it efficiently in this particular situation.  Thanks to conflict Management I learned a lot about handling different conflicts and differences with people, especially with this situation of a robbery which I really needed to use some type of help to resolve the issue. Negotiation, Communication, and different People helped me solve my problem of being robbed but my conflict management skills helped me recover my stolen check.

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