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Bias is found in everyone’s behavior to some degree, it might be something as small as stereotyping “How millennials’ behavior in the work force” to referring to a group of people as “those people”. Some bias are clear and outright that would be hard for anyone to not know, but many bias behaviors go unnoticed and are implicit. “Negative attitudes toward patients affect nurse-patient relationships and ultimately affect health care outcomes. (Dunagan, Kimble, Gunby & Anderws, 2016). I am going to discuss some bias behaviors in leadership, a bias that I have and how I am going to work at reducing that bias.

Discussion of Bias

My specialty track is Executive so I reflected bias in leadership. Marquardt, Brown & Casper (2015) acknowledges that in the United Stated discrimination is displayed even if unconsciously among White Americans. They further talked about how under conditions of ambiguity they will tend to evaluate Black people in a less favorable light. As a leader I will need to look at the facts and history of each person when evaluating their performance.

To prevent bias when working with staff.

Identification of Personal Bias

While thinking about my personal bias and taking some surveys on bias I did find I have a bias to race that can be more implicit than explicit. I work in a very racially diverse facility, but the diversity is off balance when looking at leaders and direct care staffing. I know during the Ferguson Riot and various heated protests in St.

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Louis, Missouri where I live this caused a lot of anxiety for myself and did create fear. I had and continue to have a lot of conversations with my friends who are black or mixed and see a different side of things that I understand even if I don’t agree in the destructive method of their outcry. I hear “no justice, no peace” and I do get a bit anxious at times and I have to put myself in check.

Strategy to Reduce Bias

So as an upcoming leader I have and will continue to find ways to reduce bias in my personal and professional life. Being mindful of the bias is the first step and using self-evaluation is helpful but also have diverse people in your various groups in life who is willing to have frank conversations and open communication is helpful to see the indirect bias I might have. The Journal of Nursing Education (2013) said that having exposure to people of color, working closely with them and having positive moments with them will help decrease our bias. Do this ongoing will help to prevent and end bias thoughts and behaviors. A quote from Sandra Thiederman makes me think; “There is no genetic predisposition to bias, no bias gene rides on our chromosomes, there is no DNA test that can identify who is biased and who is note. Bias is learned” I want to keep that in mind at all times.


I found this reflection difficult. It is hard to notice, accept and talk about bias behaviors. I know the way I was raised has a part to do with this as well as things that has happened personally to me in the past, but I also know I do not want to bring this kind of behavior into my leadership positions.

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