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Addiction is not only a serious illness but can ruin a family Paper

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Paper type: Essay , Subject: Drug Addiction

Addiction is not only a serious illness but can ruin a family, and it can ruin a person on the actions done and attitude that is put out. Pulling family into personal information like trying to pull them down and drowning them with problems others don’t have time to deal with. The films main character, Seth, played by Dave Franco is again dragging down his family with his relapse on heroin, his family isn’t surprised it happened again. This time his sister is the only one he is dragging down along with his two-year-old daughter as well. By the looks of this movie, more people can relate to what happens to those who relapse and the people around them. By the looks of what significance and how realism is portrayed, it would also be shown how paced the movie is; what the day is like with an addict and how is the movie put out.

A woman realizes her brother has relapsed from his heroin addiction while she picks up him and his daughter for a birthday party. On the way to the party she also has other things to do while she’s out. After, she politely asks to see his arm but declines because they both know he has relapsed from his addiction. She then takes her brother to detox on a ten day program and later finds out the detox place doesn’t take her brothers insurance. Then calls an uber to drive Seth to another rehab center because the party she was throwing for her boyfriend was too important to her; after her brother was in withdrawal. Looking sweaty and getting irritated and grabbing on to his leg for dear life he started to sweat more and begging his sister Katie to at least go somewhere to get some heroin so he could at least make it for a couple hours. She then goes around looking for some in an alley while his daughter is in the backseat asking over and over for them to turn around; he then gets the chance to get high in a pharmacy bathroom. With her addict of a brother getting high in the bathroom she has ten things going on at once with the party, the cake she still has to pick up, her two-year-old niece, and her mom and friends calling her wondering where she is. Katie then finds out that everything doesn’t revolve around her brother Seth, she realizes he needs to take care of his problems. She gets out of the routine of loving an addict.

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The movie has an important topic that talks about how it’s so hard to get out of a routine and how hard it is to love a person that is involved in addiction. Since the movie is based on a true story significance plays a big part on how it actually was in real life and if it got its message it was trying to give out. Throughout the movie, it really shows what an addict goes through with trying to get clean and especially if children are in the picture and trying to set a good example. The daughter that is shown in the movie represents the calmness that the movie brings when things get out of hand, during one of the scenes of the movie she is singing Wheels on the Bus and continues to sing it throughout, and what that represents is they go round and round in this loop Katie goes on with Seth that she is trying to get out of. Not only does it show the hardships it also shows the stubbornness/steps of getting clean for example in the movie a monotone voice metaphors on how the person addicted can’t drive the “boat” that he is on and he can’t do it on his own and needs help. Overall, the movie does a great job with what message the director wants to put across and it’s an 8 out of 10.

The pace and editing of the whole movie was cut fast but in some scenes of the movie, it was paced well that anyone watching it didn’t feel that it was missing anything or felt lost. In all the movie was only 75 minutes, and since the movie has such a short time frame it does a great job in hitting the important parts of relapse. In the beginning, the pacing was a little fast and it also was in the end, thinking that the director wanted to get right into what the movie was really about when it came to the opening of the movie. Also, the ending seemed rushed in the sense that during it a lot of things were happening so fast at the same time, the rest of the film was put together to where it was like steps the person was going through. Overall the pacing and editing of the movies was put together well and would be a 7.5 out of 10.

The movie 6 Balloons had great ideas and camera shots throughout. What made this movie unique was the amount of thought and focus that was put on the film to make each scene different. For example throughout the movie from time to time it would show Seth and Katie in her car drowning in water, and what those parts of the movie represented was Katie and also Seth trying to get of this loop of Katie trying to help her brother and Seth not doing anything to try to get clean not for himself but for his daughter. Not only was the drowning in the car scenes a unique and smart idea but the title itself is also unique because it represents when a person is on heroin the powder looking drug is wrapped in small looking balloons and the number six is the amount of heroin a significant person goes through a day. The lighting that was used in the film was neutral and dark colors to create a more serious scene during the movie. Also how and when the movie was shot was important too because at the start of the film it’s all bright colors and happiness and as it goes more into the movie it turns into a more dark place. Overall the movie did a great job of showing the uniqueness of how its different from all the other movie about addiction and it would be a 9 out of 10.

Although the film has some great significance hidden all throughout the film and makes others think about what they mean and why they included what they included in the film it does have some knit pick it comes across. Though the movie is only 75 minutes long not a lot of things happen that would be shocking but it does hit the importance of the whole movie. There is also the scenes where they’re stuck in a car filled with water at different times of the movie, those parts were a little overused and also there was a monotone narrative that came with those particular scenes which was also overused. But there was a part in the movie that was handled beautifully and since this film is so serious it was handled well. There was a specific part where Katie had to go to the pharmacy to get 1cc short tip needles for the heroin. The lady then had to give her the bathroom key but she wasn’t fond of her. She told Katie to make sure to bring the key back but in the end, when Seth came out all high she didn’t bring it back because Seth had the key and the pharmacist wouldn’t take it back. The pharmacist didn’t let her in and she ended up breaking the door and running to the car with the three of them laughing. With this part of the movie was one of the many important scenes because this was the only scene that they all seemed carefree and since there is so much tension going on already. In all the movie was great to watch but didn’t so much live to its standards and full potential but overall this movie was a 7.5 out of 10.

By the looks of this movie, more people can relate to what happens to those who relapse and the people around them. By the looks of what significance and how real the movie is, it would also be shown how paced the movie is; what the day is like with an addict and how the movie is put out. With the film put together, in the end, it shows that it’s hard to love an addict.

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