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Acting & Theater Essay Examples

Othello Essay

In act 5 scene 2 of the drama ‘Othello’ . we witness Othello killing his married woman Desdemona because Iago tricked him into believing that she was perpetrating criminal conversation. Throughout the drama Iago fooled Othello into believing that his married woman was rip offing on him. this narrative line flood tides in this concluding…

Romeo and Juliet – summary

For my English coursework, I have been studying the Shakespeare play “Romeo and Juliet”. “Romeo and Juliet” is a romantic tragedy. The plot chronicles two star-crossed lovers, which belong to two feuding families, the “Capulet” family and the “Montague” family. For the two to be happy they must deceive their families. This is done with…

How does Shakespeare present the character of Mercutio and what role does he play in Romeo and Juliet

In the famous Shakespearean play Romeo and Juliet the character Mercutio is a close friend of Romeos and has an arrogant and cynical personality. He only features in the first part of the play but despite this his character plays a very key role through his loyalty to Romeo in setting up the rest of…



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Could the tragedy of Romeo and Juliet happen today

The story of the “star crossed lovers” is a true tragedy as there was so much potential for the relationship to work. The feelings that the couple from “two houses alike in dignity” were so immense that they ended up dying for each other. If it wasn’t for fate, their dedication would have allowed them…

Romeo and Juliet – short summary

“From forth the fatal loins of these two foes A pair of star-crossed lovers takes their life; Whose misadventured piteous over throws Doth with their death bury their parents strife. ” ‘Romeo and Juliet,’ a play of death marked love. Yet is the love presented realistic and believable? As important as love is to life…

Romeo and Juliet Commentary

There are different aspects in Romeo and Juliet, which have to be covered in a creative writing theme. One of the main factors, which needs to be illustrated in whatever form, is the fate of Romeo and Juliet’s relationship which had uncertainty surrounding it from their first meeting. No matter how many steps they take…

Sampson and Gregory

In line 139 Juliet says, “My only love sprung from my only hate! ” Two types of love are at conflict here for Juliet. Romantic love (for Romeo) and love for her family, (because she was brought up to hate the Montague’s). This saddens her. There is another type of love in the play –…

Romeo – Juliet theatre review

Romeo and Juliet is a romantic play based on two people’s desire to spend their lives together, but it doesn’t exactly turn out exactly as they would have liked. The Black Cat Company showed this William Shakespeare production to us on Friday the 20th of October. This play is nearly split in half at the…

At the opening of act V of the tempest

At the opening of Act V of `The Tempest` Prospero decides to set aside revenge which he has long been planning and instead show forgiveness to his enemies. Examine the methods that Shakespeare uses to help the audience believe in Prospero’s sudden change of heart. Throughout the whole of `The Tempest`, Prospero is obsessed in…

The relationship that Romeo and Juliet have with their parents throughout the play

The ‘ancient grudge’ portrayed in the lives of two ‘star-crossed lovers’ whose ‘unruly’ love leads them to their ‘death marked’ fait. Romeo and Juliet live in ‘two separate houses’ in the sixteenth century with ‘brawls’ and ‘mutiny’ creating an antagonistic environment between the youth of these two families. Their parents ‘both alike in dignity’, proud…

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