Achievement, Competition of Your Goals

Tiana Allen 2/22/19 St. Philip Preparatory School 6A Competition I believe that competition is important for kids to experience because it prepares them for life. Having competition makes you want to work harder for your goals. Being motivated by the prize more people work harder. Competition in school and sport is also good because it helps children get prepared for the real world and real life. Competition ensures that people get to the top and reach their potential. Competition is healthy for kids.

It is common for people or kids to judge themselves to others, so competition is healthy in that view. In a supportive environment, a child can be taught to accept failure without losing self-esteem.

The importance of competition in life is a motivation for achieving a goal; to demonstrate determination, creativity, and perseverance in conquering challenges; and to understand that hard work and commitment leads to great success. Competition teaches sportsmanship and teamwork by having to work with your team to win.

It teaches kids to accept failure, and that helps them for their future to accept what happens in life. Participation trophies are not healthy for kids to receive because they have learn to earn it to receive it. Kids don’t learn at all if they always win. Kids should always learn to lose because you don’t know what’s going to happen in life and you always win in reality. If you are having a competition remember that competition means competing. In competition, you have trophies for the winners who earned the trophies and that should be it.

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The people who just sat back and watched everybody else do the hard work on the team don’t deserve trophies and because people give the people who did absolutely nothing receive trophies they learn that they can still do nothing and be honored and praised and that is not how the reality of life works. So giving participation trophies to those who did nothing gives the wrong mindset. Everyone knows that everyone wants to win at everything but that isn’t how life works. If someone wants to win, they have to do the work they have to do no matter what that work is and whether they like it or not because if they don’t make that effort to do it the whole team suffers and then the team doesn’t win.

According to MU Health Care  with competition in sports, many kids seem to do better academically. MU Health Care states that there is physical benefits of health with sports and having a competition for sports creates those benefits.MU Health Care believes that sports relieve pressure and stress they also believe that sports teach kids teamwork, problem-solving, and boosts childrens’ self-esteem. You should always know that even if you try your best you don’t always win. Competition to me is like testing your limits facing a challenge. You just have to know to just accept whether you win or whether you lose. If you don’t win next time try harder because what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.


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