According to the MBTI test ESFPs are very lively and outgoing people

According to the MBTI test, ESFPs are very lively and outgoing people. They thrive in groups and prefer not to spend too much time alone. They are very observant, focusing closely on the details rather than the grand scheme. They think for the present rather than future. Entertainers tend to prioritize emotion when making decisions, concerning themselves more with how their decisions will affect others. They are diplomatic and empathetic. They rely more on opportunity than rigid scheduling. They are spontaneous, playful people, with a passion for finding new adventures.

Most of the personality traits suits me but it also explains that ESFPs prefer not to spend too much time alone but sometime I prefer spending time alone. Other than that the personality traits suits me. I love interacting with people and I am outgoing as well. And yes I do care about other feelings and I also make decisions that won’t affect others. I am empathetic and diplomatic as I am concerned that my words and decision shouldn’t offend others.

The strengths of ESFP personality are-

• Focusing on present challenges

• Can easily adapt to new situations

• Connecting to differing types of people

• Attention to aesthetics and appearance

• Showing positive attitude even in difficult circumstances

Similarly the blind spots for ESFPs are-

• Difficulty planning for the future

• Struggling to face interpersonal conflict

• Vulnerability to constructive criticism

• Becoming bored or uninterested in repetitive tasks

The strengths do match my personality, I am positive in every situation, I don’t get affected with negative criticisms.

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And I love connecting with different people and I can easily adapt with the new and changing situation. I am also tend to be motivated and energized by building connection with others, by beautiful spaces and art pieces, by concerts, parties, and other large group of people. I also love entertain those around me. The strengths come with few drawbacks too and yes I don’t plan for future and I just go with the flow like a river and I know that may cause problems in near future. And I do get bored too on doing repetitive works. I also struggle to face interpersonal conflict but I am not vulnerable to constructive criticisms as I always welcome such criticisms which will always help me with the improvements.

Other than that I also like motivating people and appreciate the efforts of other. I love helping others in need and I am soft hearted person. I am very friendly and I also make an effort to build personal connection with others. I always believe on doing good deeds and I am positive in every situation and I believe that whatever happen it happens for good.

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