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Abuse of language in animal farm Paper

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Every coalition that has ever had power over a country, organization or in general a large group of people, had been proficient in getting what it wanted. To attain what they wanted these collectives of powerful individuals, usually needed to persuade the masses that they have the right to hold power over them. And because the human thoughts and behavior are best influenced by eloquent and expressive speech, these parties commonly consist of a great number of distinguished and charismatic speakers. In most parties these spokespeople present their collective’s new reforms and suggestions for improving the system. In other parties, which are oftentimes aiming for a dictatorship or an authoritarian regime, these rhetoricians deceive and manipulate the sheep of our society with intention to propel their party to power and spread their ideology.

In George Orwell’s novel Animal Farm, we’re presented with a collective of pigs, an incredible example of a totalitarian party that abuses language to manipulate and exploit other animals. The head of animal farm Napoleon, who although is not the cr?me de la cr?me of speakers always gets other animals to do what he wants thorough calculated manipulation. To compensate for the weaknesses in his rhetoric, he relies on Squealer who is his sycophant and his right hand man. Squealer is a smart and convincing public speaker. One of great traits of his speaking is that he always talks about other animal’s interests, with which he conveys the idea that the pig’s leadership is better for every animal on the farm. He often supports these claims with some false data about how the quality of animals’ life has improved since Mr. Jones’ regime was overthrown. Squealer’s strategy works because most of the animals aren’t educated and can’t remember the exact conditions of their life during Mr. Jones’ reign. Every time that animals find something contradictory in the actions of pigs especially Napoleon, Squealer presents them with some imaginary information that, would not convince an intelligent, educated person, but is enough to satisfy the minds of illiterate, ignorant and forgetful animals. A great example of this are Squealer’s lies in praise of Napoleon, who was a coward in the battle of Cowshed and strongly opposed the great idea of a windmill, and his slander of Snowball, who presented ideas that would improve life of all animals on the farm. Another great trait of Squealer’s speaking is his calmness and his usage of words. When the animals confront him he doesn’t get defensive and start a conflict. He keeps his composure and tries to persuade his opponents with reason and facts, even thought they are most often false. He uses complicated words to confuse and distract the animals and doesn’t use negative words to avoid putting doubts into animals’ minds.

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Squealer uses these talents for manipulation of the intellectually inferior, which is immoral and unethical. But they can also be used by good and compassionate people to guide others to a better life, and to improve our society altogether.

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