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Abstract The main purpose for an ethics code is to make all Paper

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The main purpose for an ethics code is to make all our customers, employees and stakeholders aware of what our ethical beliefs are and what our company policy consists of. We would like to ensure that our code is implemented and that everyone is following company standards. Our company must uphold to this code and protect the company from any venture. We will establish a comfortable and safe environment. Our success will rely on the way we treat customers and stakeholders. We will make sure that everyone feels welcome and valued.

Our code of ethics is an essential part of our company. Without the code of ethics, we wouldn’t have a business. Everyone in the company must know what’s right and what’s wrong, this shapes what our code of ethics is. We will go into depth about our company’s principles, core values and what our mission is as a company. We must first know what our ethics codes are. This is a way in which, how we will resolve the issue. Everyone is to comply with this regulation. All employees will be informed of our ethic codes and regulations on the first day.

Purpose of the code:

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Everyone will be treated with respect and required to behave in a manner that is ethical. All employees will comply with the values and cultures. Not following our code will be a violation and not tolerated. Being able to trust and be honest with one another will help us succeed as a company. When conflict occurs, we will handle all situations in the best way possible. There will be conflicts and we must know how to resolve each problem. Knowing both sides of the story is going to help us decide in which ways we should encounter the situation. According to Ethics Sage, it says, “A code of ethics is an important document for any business, as infringement of ethics can cause companies to be in serious trouble with consumers, other organizations or authorities. Having a code of ethics will make decision-making easier at all levels of an organization.” Everyone is to be held accountable for their actions. We will operate in a way that is fair and ethical. It is our objective to create a peaceful, respectful and equality work environment. We are to serve our community with integrity and competence.

Core Values:

As a company we also have some core values. Our core values consist of ones view of a person or business. They are also a guidance to assist companies and dictate whether they are steering towards the right direction. This allows companies to know if their goals are being achieved. Having core values demonstrates what our vision is as a company. All our employees should have the same values.

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