"Above Sea Level" By Francesca Melandri

To the end, the perpetrators remain nameless, imprisoned in an also unnamed high-security prison. have to bear the consequences that indirectly affected, back in Francesca Melandri’s novel “About sea level” in the spotlight. You get name: Luisa, Paolo and Nitti. These are the protagonists in a tiny act that has been happening over a time window of two days and requires only a few additional figures.

Luisa is the wife of a murderer, Paolo is the father of a murderer, and Nitti, a prison officers guarded killer.

If the Maestrale, the wind from the northwest, not been so strong, so have the three probably never met, not even seen each other. But the storm adds the accident, three people forced together into emergency accommodation, the guest house on an island in the Mediterranean Sea within sight of the Ligurian mainland. The few hours of togetherness are the dramatic climax of the event to people who are injured, have lost alive the interest whose character is destroyed: a few gestures, a few words suffice as enrichment, as the source from which they can draw strength again to go with new hope apart again.

Luisa is a farmer simple mind. Her husband lacks the tractor driving and maintenance of their 37 cows. All the work is to be able to achieve alone hard for her, but she finds happiness in their fate. Because they can feed their five children, and above all it must have no fear of the man, who was lying next to her in bed.

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That was violent, she never told the police. But she has never understood him correctly, never recorded, as he was, never suspected that he killed someone with his hands power. For ten years she visited him in prison. Now he has been transferred to the maximum security prison. This has indeed a much more journey ahead; happy she is yet, because for the first time in her life she sees the sea. The whitecaps, the changing colors of the movement – Luisa enjoys the crossing on the ferry to the fullest

Paolo is a head man.. The former teacher of history and philosophy hates the ride across the sea, abhors nature. imprison people on a paradise island behind walls, which he finds absurd. For the fourth time he is now on his way to his son. In his education he was guided by humanist goals: The world is full of injustice, but if you fights against it, and the individual can make a difference. So wearing Paolo blame for the fact that his son was a terrorist and murdered people to force the elimination of social injustices? not only as a father, but as a whole person is Paolo broken.

The deep sigh from his innermost can not help more to forget him. He carries a photo of Angelina with you, the three-year daughter of the man has executed his son with a headshot. “Your son is still alive. I do not. “-? How is he with this charge he of the dead man has read at that time the court process in the eyes of the mother, ever ready What sense does it as actually to live further? Since Paolo’s wife Emilia died shortly after the arrest of the son, he is alone. His son is not refined to this day; even in prison, he insists, must continue the struggle – “for the revolution”

Nitti his service provides as prison officers for years. he still had it well under the former director, and work with pedophiles was easy. They are lonely people, as there is no other band members and no trouble with the mafia. But now he has to deal with dangerous criminals and political prisoners. Even him, the man with the angelic face has hardened it. Previously, he always felt attracted to the promising shining in the dark mainland; now his feelings are dead.

The violence that is brought against him, he answered with violence; he is the “no contact”, the “workers in the warehouse for human flesh,” the “constable of the system”. About himself and his deeds he can not speak more also. How would Mary, his wife, think about him? She suspects the like – and is afraid of the truth. Only Luisa’s simple farewell sentence before she gets on the ferry are Nitti some of his spilled grain of truth back: “Tell that to your wife yet. That it in front of you must not be afraid”.

The author does not float freely in space ahistorischem their fictional history. Rather, it is linked to the political unrest in the late 1970s. At that time, large sections of the Italian population supported a broad protest movement against the perceived as highly unsatisfactory state system. Out of this grew a radical tip of left and right terrorism. Especially the bloody actions of the Red Brigades ( “Red Brigades”) and its opponents in extreme ensured that those anni di piombo ( “leaden years”) in public memory Italy remained. Francesca Melandri with witnesses – law enforcement officials, terrorists, detainees, judges and members of the victims of political violence -. Spoken to her new novel to give specific time reference. This book I have on the list to my 20 favorite books.

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"Above Sea Level" By Francesca Melandri
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