About Time Mother Teresa

Mahatma Gandhi was a civil rights leader who dedicated his life to making the world a better place. His quote: “Be the change you wish to see in the world” contains morale that I agree with Gandhi meant that he was constantly changing himself in order to make his dreams come true. He fought against the unfair rule of the British and instilled in others to do the same. Gandhi‘s quote represents that not giving up and pursuing what you believe in, are two qualities that are vital to a successful school year.

This quote reminds of a time when Mother Teresa, like Mahatma Gandhi, used her goodwill to pursue her beliefs, Mother Teresa decided that her life’s mission was to help the poorest of the poor when she was thirty-eight so she went to Calcutta, a city with many slums filled with the poor.

Even though the people of Calcutta didn’t believe she had good intentions, she didn’t give up and earned their trust.

By showering the poor with love and food, Mother Teresa became a well—known individual. To help bring attention to the poor everywhere, she used her newfound popularity to give speeches worldwide. Mother Teresa’s devotion and faithfulness led her to succeed in what she wanted the most Mother Teresa is a woman of character who changed herself by adjusting to a different lifestyle and culture to pursue her goal of making people’s lives better. A lesson learned from Mother Teresa and Gandhi is you shouldn’t wait for the leader to come you should be the leader to make your dreams a reality being yourself and improving yourself continuously will make success inevitable.

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