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April Latimer has disappeared. Her friend Phoebe gets serious thought. If the two do not meet for a chat over tea in their homes or a beer at the pub, she calls but almost daily with each other

April and Phoebe both come best from Dublin’s circles -. The fathers physicians , April has an assistant at the hospital where Dr. Quirke, the father of her friend, working as a pathologist. They have seen there, however, never. Maybe so far just yet gave no opportunity for Quirke was until recently out of action; He had wanted to make his alcohol problem and go for a good six months to withdrawal to a specialized hospital.

If imminent danger? Dr. Quirke takes the concerns of his daughter seriously and contacted Inspector Hackett. The procured in April’s apartment a first impression. As he jumps prevents only the normal everyday life. Nothing is cleaned up, the clothes hanging in the closet, bags were not packed, and, above all, is in the bathroom still April lipstick a utensil, would travel without which no woman.

What is odd is the freshly made, pristine bed -. It does not fit to the otherwise chaotic overall impression

April’s disappearance is hotly debated in their circle of friends. The solid circles like to adopt bohemienhaft and dressed in existentialist black (we are in the fifties). Isabel, actress medium grade, believes April had been married off and away gen England and there with a well-heeled man. Jimmy, a reporter, do not quite know what to make of the matter.

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A bit worried he’s been; but even more drives him to that as perhaps a spectacular event could initiate whose headline – their headline! – would be to read soon on all Dublin newspapers. Even Patrick Ojukwu, a medical student from Africa, talks to conjecture striking back.

Recently had Phoebe lost some track of what is currently doing in the group that way. Was there something between Isabel and the handsome Patrick, called “The Prince”? Had sown discord April, stretched him Isabel? Phoebe can not hide the fact that she finds the exotics from an unfamiliar culture and even very attractive …

As Hackett the apartment of the missing searched a second time, comes to light that probably still has a violent crime took place. Allowing it to conclude bedside blood stains in the cracks of the floor boards and a few inconspicuous blood spatter.

What can actually help to clarify the case April’s family? She resides on a swanky estate. April’s mother Celia’s widow (The father was a cardiologist.) And cultivated a queen exemplary image through extremely distinguiertes, cool demeanor about in public charity events; Brother Oscar has made a conservative gynecologist (Catholic and preventing opponents) a name; Brother Bill has brought it even to the Minister of Health. All are outraged to strangers that in their family matters dare interfere. And who are the ever – Hackett, a former patrol officer, and Quirke, who was not even his own life in the grip gets (alcohol women!) … incompetent Derlei and inadequate failure to craft succinctly from: anyway it known nothing of April ; they have broken away from the family for a long time; they live their own, unconventional, embarrassing life … Good thing you have enough useful relations in the back know about to the editor of the daily newspaper to cause trouble, should a single line will be published about them.

The productive author John Banville, who published his crime novels under the pseudonym Benjamin Black, puts us in his mystery novel ” Elegy for April < " Benjamin Black "Elegy for April" in "

the period atmosphere is adapted literary style. As usual in the classic Whodunit , we listen quietly when the characters meet and in most cases individually orderly succession, to summarize the known facts, before they then tell the opposite new details that have become more or less could prove important. This poses for us repetitions that pleasantly light make reading and at any time guarantee the overview. In this thriller but it’s just too much of a good thing, because the plot is more than simple, and the resolution is of no surprise hit.

So is on the credit side, the pretty captured atmosphere of the time, the city and the Culture; in nominal fulfilling the expectation of a cleverly knitted action plan and a bit of tension, a little kick remains. A somewhat nostalgic reading experience …

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