A Viewpoint on the Experiences of Traveling Around the World and from Watching Television

There is no need to travel abroad. It is expensive and dangerous and you can learn about the world from the comfort of your of your own home. I do not agree with this statement as the experiences that you get from travelling abroad cannot be matched by a television. These experiences that stay with you for life cannot be matched by another person’s, a TV presenter or travel guide authors, for example. And also this opinion is very outdated and has been raised numerous times in the past.

Times have changed, and so have foreign travel prices. Now you can go abroad, stay in a decent hotel, with food and a swimming pool for a fraction of the price of a plane ticket years ago. And ‘dangerous’ is a naïve opinion as well.

It can be seen as true, if you believe that the one off horror story in the local tabloid is a summary of an entire country.

Nine times out of ten foreign travels are a relaxing, enjoyable peaceful getaway. The one time is exaggerated and is blown way out of proportion by those who fear what they believe to be lurking abroad but is actually just their imagination.

On the other hand, for many people, foreign travel is an expensive prospect. Many people cannot afford to travel abroad and must resort to learning about other cultures through forms of media and travel guides. But this is what paints a bad picture in many people’s minds.

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If all someone read is that one off horror story in the local tabloid, then they may well jump to the conclusion that all foreign travel is the same. For this reason this opinion can be viewed in many different ways and many people can have many different viewpoints of this opinion.

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