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Erin Brockovich is an awesome comedy and drama movie based on a  true story by Steven Soderbergh for teenagers who want to make references for someone or a country, community, etc. The main idea of the whole movie is how sometimes big companies cheat on people.

The movie was produced on 17, march 2000. the main character is played by Julia Roberts (Erin Brockovich). The other two characters are Albert Finney (Ed Masry) and David Brisbin (Dr. Jeffe). The story of Erin Brockovich is in Hinkley (U.

S.) in 1993.

Erin Brockovich is an unemployed twice-divorced single mother of 3 kids. At the very begging of the movie she got into an accident and failed her injury case. So then she forces her lawyer to give her a job in return for the loss. At the job, no one takes her as an employee due to her short skirts and rough language. One day she found out about this deadly disease in Hinkley.

The disease was created by the pacific gas & electric company of the waste that the company has dumped and got mixed in the water.

With the help of her lawyer, shestartstinvestigatingn on the diseases.

Every time I have watched this movie I always enjoyed it. Julia Roberts played an awesome character role and also the story has a lot of positive messages about fighting for human rights. Even though this movie is wonderful but still some changes should be made like the language because there are a lot of swearing words and the rating should be 15+.

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Therefore if you are a teenager who loves to watch comedy or drama movies then this movie is for you.

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