a The primary approach Potomac Waters relied on for its

The following sample essay ona The primary approach Potomac Waters relied on for its tells about the primary approach Potomac Waters relied on for its MBA-hire development strategy.

Based on the case study I believe the primary approach Potomac Waters relied on for its MBA-hire development strategy is Job Experience. Job Experience is the relationship, problems, demand, tasks and other features that employee face in their job (Job Experinece). On the very first day, Rinaldi got to know that it was corporate policy to encourage promotions from within the organization.

She also learned that all product mangers changed assignments every 12-24 months to get experience about all the stages of the product life cycle (from case study) which is only possible either by promoting or enlarging the job, transfers or job rotations. Rinaldi joined the company because it was one the best firm for marketing and to get the best training for this field. Also, the company had a reputation to groom their new hires to their best potential.

The primary approach where, at least for Rinaldi, they should have paid more attention

As per the case study the primary approach that they should have paid attention to has to be Assessment. It is collecting information and providing feedback to the employees about their behaviour, communication style or skills (assessment). Martha Rinaldi, an MBA graduate joined Potomac Waters with the hope to receive training in the field of marketing to be successful in her career since the company had a proven record for marketing excellence.

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But gradually she started losing her interest in the company since she expected to get involve in huge and important projects rather, she was asked to do small tasks. There was a company policy that to evaluate the performance of the employee for the first three months, but Rinaldi had to ask her manager for that and it is because Martha was never her managers priority. Also, for ROI assignments, her efforts and dedication were not recognised by her manager thats the reason she never participated during the presentations. For every employee is important to get the feedbacks on continuous basis so they can keep a check on their performance. And if these feedbacks are not provided, the employees never get to know their true potential. Assessment also helps them to identify the goal they want to achieve and which area in a company they can perform better. But in Rinaldis case her manager never used to indulge in any conversation, or it used to last for 5 minutes or used to write a short mail.

According to our text, protean careers are becoming the norm, where it is up to the individual rather than the company to determine a career path. Identify three critical incidents in the case where Rinaldi could have done something differently that would have helped her development experience at Potomac Waters

Protean Career is a career based on self-direction with the goal of psychological success in work (Protean Careers). Martha believed Potomac was an organization which can train her in all the aspects of marketing so she joined this firm with the expectation that she will get the opportunity to enhance her skill as well as her career. But there are times when things dont turn out to be as expected. Within a short time period, she has already started having issues with her manager and colleague, which made her think about her decision to join Potomac Waters. The first incident that could have affected Rinaldis development is her decision of moving to a different brand within a company. It is very clear from the case study that Rinaldis training and development were never the priority of Follet since she was never given the credits for her work like ROI presentation. Also, most of the work given to her was very basic like fixing the presentation or getting the signatures of other managers on the documents or copying, etc. which was passed onto her by Jamie. Her skills and abilities were not utilized as per her potential which demotivated her since her aim of getting trained in the field of marketing was not getting fulfilled being in this brand. Had she thought of going to a different brand, things would have been different for her as her relationships with people from another department were good. The second incident could be telling her experience with Follet and Jamie to Vice President Bautista when he asked her since he noticed the change in her behavior.

Communicating the problems faced by her to the vice president on being asked could have helped her have a positive experience in this company since he could have given solutions to those problems since he was experienced and could have guided her in the best way. The third incident might be the decision to work through the differences with co-workers. We are in a generation where we want things to work our way and when that doesnt happen it leads to dissatisfaction (Jenkins, 2019). A similar thing happened to Rinaldi as she was not happy with the work she was given. She only wanted to perform important tasks and not the menial work like the one Jamie asked her to do. The manager, Follet tried to sort things out between Rinaldi and Jamie by telling her that he is a good person who is misunderstood, but still, these incidents kept on disturbing her even though Jamie apologized. She should try to work on her relationship with her manager and co worker and try to communicate in the best way which is beneficial for her development. According to me, these are the three incidents that might have helped her development experience in Potomac Waters.

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a The primary approach Potomac Waters relied on for its
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