A Tale of Animalistic Outline

The sky remains light blue every time the day begins for me. The clouds remain a white as snow but portrays different shapes as if the universe decided to grab her paintbrush and softly press the tip of the brush against its lively canvas upon the audience and create animalistic outlines like bunnies, deer, and horses prancing across the sky for our viewing. It’s a good day, that’s one of the signs that today will be a good day.

Another sign is the messages on my phone from someone I consider a great friend. As my emotional Colosseum began its construction a while back; this friend of mine would speak words of motivation, at times even grab the blocks of trust and place them in the right positions in order to see my happiness blossom like a flower in early spring beneath the Sun rays.

We haven’t known each other for a long time, more of short month or two but she appeared when I started bettering myself.

Others stray away from self-love and pushing themselves to pure success but not her. She laid her eyes on my journey of bettering every situation and becoming more positive as importance in her life. She needed people as did I who placed themselves in situations to overcome the negative and create life changing opportunities. Two heads are better than one the saying goes, we wish to grow a bigger friendship as Hyrda’s do with their heads when wrongfully detached by opposition.

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Two heads are better than one. I was so used to people being around me not focused on happiness. They focused too much on negative aspects of life and materialistic properties that would only send them into the lust of more.

The people that surrounded us desired the Midas Touch unlike we did. We desired to fulfil the pursuit of happiness. I wake up to her messages, that’s the second reason I knew it was going to be a good day. She’s the main reason and she’s the absolute motivation behind all I do to better myself. It’s not romantic intentions as much as it’s perseverance to have someone similar to me remain by my side until the end. A quest to escape the black hole of loneliness in this world began. Her importance drives the very soul of the emerald gems that hover above my heart. The snow can crash down upon my house and warmth would seep through under the door into my room, cuddling me. She’s a great friend so far, she’s the turtle and I’m the hare. Competitors in the race of life but buddies when enjoying the prairie. She’s something else, I could say more in this descriptive portrait but you guys got the idea. She’s the definition of importance.

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