A Study on Health Insurance Plan and the Cost and Coverage of Health Insurance Policies

An ideal health insurance plan will cover the basic health needs of the insured. However, it is important for the insured to consider whether they are able to afford this plan, as quality health insurance policies can be rather costly, In order for someone to be enrolled in the most optimal policy available, they must consider nine crucial factors when settling on a policy. These include the provided benefits, the cost compared to the benefits, services of the primary doctor, prescription drug benefits, the geographical area where benefits are extended, the insurance provider’s dedication to quality health care, customer satisfaction, limitations, and COBRA coverage.

Since I am still covered under my parent’s health insurance policy, I am not affected by the cost of health insurance as greatly as they are. However, I am responsible for my personal medical expenses after insurance benefits have been applied.

As such, I know from experience that Blue Cross/Blue Shield (my insurance provider) offers plenty of different coverage options My parent‘s plans have always been with BCBS, but the extent of their coverage has always varied depending on their work of financial situations.

As of 2012, we have had changes in our current policy plans due to the enactment of the Affordable Care Act. This has left many people who were once covered by health insurance in an obscure position due to the multiple market reforms that have resulted from it. Thankfully, my father is now insured through the school that he teaches for.

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This not only allows him to affordably insure our entire family for only $70 each month but the benefits that we are able to receive more than satisfy our needs. I would assume that he receives such an outstanding deal on his insurance coverage due to the stressful nature of his job, which is a common reason for why some workplaces provide such thorough coverage.

Benefits offered, cost versus benefits the annual premium is only $1000, and our current benefits cover 80 % of prescription drug costs, hospital visits, and most dental procedures. In some clinics, the copay is waived entirely. However, the standard copay of our policy is $15 For me personally, this coverage more than satisfies my needs since I am not paying for it. Even if I were, $70 for coverage for up to 10 people is something would happily pay for, especially considering the benefits we receive. My medical bills have always been reasonable, there have never been complications with this policy. My insurance covers almost all procedures to some degree “The recent expansion of health-plan choice has been touted as increasing competition and enabling people to choose plans that fit their needs”.

While the ACA may have had some temporary detrimental effects, our middle- class coverage is affordable simply because of where my father works geographical coverage, service, limitations, and commitment to the insured Since we travel quite a bit, there have been a few instances where l have had to visit emergency departments in other states I believe that my coverage has been accepted in these states because their coverage requirements are similar enough to where we live, I have visited hospitals on many different occasions throughout my youth, and I have never been refused care because of inadequate insurance coverage. Furthermore, I have never had to experience long wait times with my insurance information going through to the hospitals or clinics that have treated me in the past, nor have I had to spend countless hours on the phone with anyone from BCBS. I only know so much regarding the fine details of our policy, but these facts lead me to believe that they care about their commitment to their customers, as well as the quality of health care that they receive. Per the BCBS website, there is currently no lifetime cap for benefits, and COBRA does not affect my father’s policy.

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