A Study of the Impact of a Speedy Trial Legislation

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The United States law provides in addition to the right to an attorney, the right to a speedy trial to all individuals convicted. This law seeks to protect perpetrators from waiting a certain amount of time, This law is documented in the federal law in the Speedy Trial Act of the year 1974. Every individual in the United States has a right to a speedy trial in addition to time in order to prepare for a suitable defense predominantly in criminal cases In this essay, the speedy trial legislation is discussed in depth including the reason for its enactment.

The statute to a speedy trial was enacted in order to “establish a clear statutory adjunct to the sixth amendment that clearly sets the time limits required for the commencement of trial.” It was a mutual belief among the legislators that there was need for more clarity in the form of legislation to speed up the general criminal justice process by setting time limits.

Moreover, the judicial committee found that approval of the speedy trial legislature would give the whole judicial process and the “sixth amendment law” a whole new meaning, Furthermore> it was believed that the law would benefit the prosecutor and the society as well. This is due to the fact that a defendant charged with a crime becomes a liability to the people and the society at large since his status drains the time and energy of all the criminal justice modules that he or she comes across, or into contact with, such a situation results to a burden on the taxpayer since he or she has to tolerate the load of sustaining him for an undefined length of time, Conclusively, the speedy trial legislation ensures that the defendant does not pose a burden to the society as well as the whole criminal justice system such as the police, clerks, and probation officers among others.

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The law ensures that criminals face the judicial officer within the shortest time possible.


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