A Study of the Hutterite Culture and Community

They are the one of the oldest communal groups. Despite this, their population is growing. Instead of living with family, they live in a colony. The colony in which they live owns everything of theirs. Because of this, there’s no private property, personal bank accounts, and only few personal belongings. The reason hutterites do this is discourage individualism. In the colony, only baptized men can handle administrative functions, such as the colony’s finances or communication with the outside world.

Besides these responsibilities, each man has his own specific job with the colony, many of which are agricultural. Although both are Anabaptist groups, The Hutterites have some significant differences with the Amish. The biggest difference is that they live communally. This means that they live in a colony, where everything is very close together. The Amish do not live in colonies.

Another notable difference is that hutterites readily accept new technology. It is rare for Amish to accept and use technology, but the Hutterites use it daily.

For example, they use tractors for farming, ovens for baking, etc., where as the Amish would use a horse for farming and a fire for cooking. However, the Hutterites will only accept technology that helps their colony and its economy. This means the Hutterites will not accept cell phones, computers, or the internet. These types of things not only lack economic productivity, but also encourage individualism and undermine the Hutterite religion. The Hutterite culture is very different from American popular culture. The most obvious differences are the technology.

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Unlike the Hutterites, many Americans have cell phones and computers and at times are very materialistic and individualistic. We also do not live in a colony, but with family.

Because of this, each person has their own bank account, their own house, and private property. The Hutterites do not have this. Their colonies are basically communist. Everyone has a job and gets paid, but nobody owns anything, and everything is shared. Much the opposite of that, the US has a capitalism-driven economy. I do not want to move to a Hutterite colony. However, if I did, the thing I would have most difficulty adopting would be the lack of technology. I use many times every day. I used technology to write this paper and to print it. I rely on technology during my day. I would find it very hard to adapt to not having all of this technology and communication. I think it would be easy to go from having no technology to having technology, but going form having technology to having no technology would be tough because everything you know and are used to would be taken away. Technology is a tool I use. Without it, I would struggle to do well in school, and would lack the instant communication with my friends and family.

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