A Study of Smart local bus transport Management System based

A Study of Smart local bus transport Management System

based on Internet of Things

Madekar Diptee Nanasaheb

Computer Engineering

Shri Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj College of Engineering, Nepti Ahmednagar

Ahmednagar, India

[email protected]

Abstract—IoT (Internet of Things) is all about electronic devices and become part of Internet atmosphere. IoT deals with the sensors which used for data exchange and communication purpose for location tracking, observing and control them. Proposed system is an IoT based system for local bus management in which electronic device is placed in public bus which provide all real time information of that bus.

This device collect all information related to bus like passenger count, Engine temperature, and Fuel level and vehicle speed through sensors. This system having application software which is installed at bus depot and mobile application for passengers. All collected information is monitored at bus depot and using mobile application passenger can check current status of bus by entering bus number in that application.

Due to this system waiting time of people will reduce who wait for bus at bus stop and hence crowding situation will not arise at bus stop. This system help user to get real time information of bus.

Keywords— Internet of Things(IoT); Public transport management system; vehicle-to-cloud (V2C); vehicle-to-Everything (V2X); Global Positioning System (GPS)


IoT (Internet of Things) is platform which contains the combination of electronic devices, sensors, actuators and connectivity which is responsible for connect, interact and exchange data to users. It is modern wireless communication technology which contains many novel networking concepts.

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IoT highly used in automation devices, locating system and supervising etc.

Today urban mobility infrastructure becomes more complex due to growing cities and increasing population which leads to crowding situation at bus stops. Public transport become much better if there is efficient vehicle tracking system is available. Using GPS and WebGIS system the current location of bus can be determine and we can also visualize the vehicle on map with the help of internet. Cognitive prosthetic devices are used for people who have trouble for remembering things. We used mobile application to get current information of bus and by using navigation system we can find out less crowded routes. We also used different sensors to get the data like vehicle location, fuel level, speed of bus, engine temperature. All this data monitored through sensors and collected data stored at cloud then after that processed data is fed to wed application which gives real time information of vehicle to users. This system is useful for the peoples who travel by bus regularly. In current situation people wait long hours for bus at bus stops and gather suddenly at bus stop if they see any bus is coming. This system is used application software at bus depot for manager and mobile application for end users. This system is useful to reduce waiting time of people. Current study explains how we can combine networking and cloud computing concept to play vital role in solving problem of public transport. Detailed concept is illustrates in proposed system.


In current era, traffic becomes major problem due to increasing population. Hence to manage this problem and reduce waiting time of people for local transportation there are many intelligent systems developed which are given below.

Vehicle monitoring tool which is developed by Yong Wang in which WebGIS technology and GPS technology used. By using this tool user can share online data, updated and real time information of vehicle [4,6].

Android application is developed by Duyen Trung to detect vehicle location but it is accessible only to its owner not for users[3].

Urban bus navigator by Marcus Handte to get less crowded route for vehicle driver. In urban areas due to growing cites and population traffic become major problem so it is useful to avoid traffic[2].

Shane M. Anderson developed transportation access system for cognitively impaired in which cognitive prosthetic device are used. This is helpful for cueing memory and reminders[5].

In India, till there is not proper bus transport management system which gives real time information of bus to users by using only bus number. So here we proposed an idea to overcome this problem.


Fig. 1. The Urban Bus Navigation System

In this system, one application software is set up at server side i.e at bus depot to keep track on updated information of bus and other side there is android application for end user through which they get updated information.

Different sensors are used to collect updated data for which different parameters are taken into consideration like passenger count, fuel level, temperature, speed etc.

The manager at bus depot can access collected data through application software which is placed at bus depot and perform analysis on it. He can also track the current location of buses by application software using Google maps and passenger can check current status of bus by entering bus number In that application.

Fig. 2. Internal Working Process

A. Sensors: to increase the efficiency and accuracy of bus transport system different types of sensors are used.

• Alcohol sensor: to detect driver’s behavior whether he is drunk or not. If he consumed alcohol then status will go the bus manager then bus manager will make some alternet arrangement and stop bus at next stop of bus. This is helpful to avoid accidents and save peoples lives.

• Infrared sensor: to detect passenger count and speed of vehicle in both day and night mode.

Test frequency (5 minutes interval) Passenger on board / off board

1 4

2 5

3 1

4 2

5 2

6 3

• Level sensor: to detect the fuel level of bus. With the help of this sensor we are able to analyze fuel consumption of vehicle. If fuel consumption is more than required the it indicate that bus required maintainance.

• Temperature sensor: to detect engine temperature.

B. Microcontroller: It collect updated data and digital signals from sensors and Line driver IC repectively. Process this data then display on LCD.

C. GPS: GPS technology provide location, speed and time information of vehicle anywhere on earth.

D. Line Driver IC: It is useful to communicate digital signals and mostly used in digital systems.

E. Wifi Module: It gives any microcontroller access to your wifi network.

F. LCD Display: Processed data by microcontoller visible on LCD disply.


In this system we used GPS receiver 1100 and wifi module ESP-8266. Keil Compiler is used for micro controller programming. We get different result at different time interval by sensors which are given below.

Table 1: Temperature sensor: Metal rod

Test frequency ( one minutes interval) Temperature

1 80

2 75

3 70

4 68

5 62

6 53

Table 2: Alcohol Detection

Test frequency Detection

1 yes

2 yes

3 no

4 no

5 yes

6 no

Table 3: Passenger count


This system help user to reach their destination in short period of time. It also provide real time information and current status of bus which is useful to reduce waiting time of people at bus stop. By using mobile application user can track current location of bus. In this different sensors are used to collect data at different time interval.


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A Study of Smart local bus transport Management System based
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